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    #WCW – Amy Schumer

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    So I know I typically write about my favorite trends for the season, what I’m wearing and where to score the best deals and steals, but I decided to finally embrace ‘WCW’ also known as Woman Crush Wednesday by doing a weekly post of my various girl crushes…in a role model way…not sexual way duh! 😉

    I decided to start with Amy Schumer. If you don’t know who Amy is, boy are you in for a surprise. She is a comedian who truly speaks her mind, doesn’t give a fuck and is the epitome of an open book when it comes to her life. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy back when I was an intern at Howard Stern, in which she told a male intern he quote “looks like a rapist”….yup that’s Amy. Read more

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    Bye Bye Four Eyes


    Today is the beginning of the end…kind of contradictory, but what I mean to say is today is the last day I will ever need to wear glasses or contacts because I am undergoing LASIK eye surgery!

    I first learned I had to wear glasses because I was near-sighted (meaning I can’t read things 5 feet in front of me, never understood why near-sided means the opposite of how it sounds and vice versa…but that’s another story) when I was in 2nd grade. I was devastated as any child would be when they learned they had to wear the dreaded ‘glasses’. Now while I wasn’t a fan of having to wear them, I was a fan of driving my mother crazy when it came to choosing frames year after year, because as a fashion lover at a young age…I was most certainly not wearing one pair of frames for the rest of my public school career. I went through tons of pairs till I ventured into my Junior/Senior year of high school (I graduated a year early, hence doubling up everything in one year).

    I began using contacts and was instantly thrilled and felt like a new person, however wearing them all day from school to work to play, they began to irritate my eyes and make me virtually blind as soon as 10pm rolled around. I dealt with it up till now but finally after tons of encouragement on how life changing the LASIK procedure is, I decided it was about time to ditch the dry eyes and dirty contacts covered in my eye liner and mascara for perfectly clear vision!

    I am beyond excited for my procedure today, but at the same time a bit nervous. As with any procedure there’s a slim chance that something can go wrong, so here’s to hoping I don’t end up blind 😉

    Wish Me Luck! 🙂

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    Birthday Moment!


    Well in case you din’t know, today is my birthday! Yes people I’m the big 22…getting so old (yea right lol!) While I don’t have some big birthday bash like Howard Stern had planned, (by the way I’m a huge Howard fan, and that Birthday Show was insane)  I am excited to spend a nice night with my boyfriend and have a great dinner followed by a serious chocolate overload because we are heading to Max Brenner in NYC!

    If you haven’t heard of this place google it, I’ve passed it and dreamt of eating there and now is my chance 🙂 yay! They are known for their delicious desserts and gourmet chocolate and you know I’ll be having that as my appetizer, entree and dessert haha!

    Every year on my birthday I like to reflect back on where I am this year. At this time last year I turned 21…I was a senior in college, Free Lancing for Footwear News, single and working like a maniac two part time jobs to be able to afford my 21st birthday bash I was planning. This year: I’m a college graduate, I work full time in NYC doing a job I love and I have a great boyfriend who I love spending my time with…I’d say turning 22 has brought some pretty awesome things to me.

    Naturally, a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without a cute outfit! Duh! So I’ll be wearing something similar to this look (Stay tuned for pictures from tonight’s outfit & full details on this look!) I found these Michael Kors shoes on clearance at Lord & Taylor and fell in love! Can’t wait to have my Carrie Bradshaw moment tonight in these beauties! 🙂

    Which brings me to the best birthday gift I got from my parents, my own Canon camera perfect for blogging 🙂 Thanks mom and dad! Can’t wait to snap pictures all over the place! Now just to find the perfect camera bag…hmmm always thinking of things to shop for 😉

    Details On My Look Below:

    Jacket: LC By Lauren Conrad at Kohls {Similar available from Forever 21 } (Here) | Jeans: Abercrombie (Here) | Shoes: Michael Kors (Here) | Bag: Target {Similar available from Target} (Here) | Top: TopShop (Here)


    Camera Available from Costco {Here}

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