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#WCW – Amy Schumer

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So I know I typically write about my favorite trends for the season, what I’m wearing and where to score the best deals and steals, but I decided to finally embrace ‘WCW’ also known as Woman Crush Wednesday by doing a weekly post of my various girl crushes…in a role model way…not sexual way duh! 😉

I decided to start with Amy Schumer. If you don’t know who Amy is, boy are you in for a surprise. She is a comedian who truly speaks her mind, doesn’t give a fuck and is the epitome of an open book when it comes to her life. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy back when I was an intern at Howard Stern, in which she told a male intern he quote “looks like a rapist”….yup that’s Amy.

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What made Amy pop into my head, other than my obsession with her show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ on Comedy Central, Amy gave a moving speech at the MS Gala a week or so ago and when I read it I fell in love. {Read Amy’s Speech From The MS Gala}
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What I love about Amy is she reminds me of myself. She gets herself into these awkward predicaments and just picks herself up, brushes herself off and has a good laugh about it…and trust me, I have many funny stories to tell.

This speech however truly moved me. Amy goes through those awkward stages in life almost every girl does, especially when it comes to confidence. She shared with us a little story about her freshman year in college where she so desperately wanted to feel loved and accepted she did something she ended up regretting right away, however she learned the significance of that event and how it made her the successful woman she is today!

There comes a point where you learn to simply not give a crap and to do what makes you happy, not let others get you down and as cliche as it simply be yourself…live it, love it and embrace it…And Amy’s speech about confidence truly epitomizes what it means to do just that 🙂

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