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Happy Wednesday Babes ♥

I am getting back into the swing of things after a busy weekend in  Las Vegas + the beginning of a busy work week. I wanted to write today’s post for a few reasons, 1. To share all about my trip, 2. To share some of my favorite things to do in Vegas + 3. To show you don’t have to be a big partier in order to enjoy Vegas! While it is Sin City + night clubs / bottle service are at the top of the list of things to do, as a gal that prefers shopping over popping bottles, I am happy to report Vegas has tons to do even for those who aren’t necessarily ‘sinners‘. Rounding up some of my favorite parts of the weekend, as well as my favorite things to do in Vegas below!

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Ok, let’s just get this out of the way at the beginning since it is one of my favorite parts about Vegas. Whether you are into spending big or saving money, Vegas has shopping for everyone.

While I scored a new Chanel over the weekend (a new style not yet available online or where I live, will be doing an unboxing soon), Vegas has tons of shopping for all price points. I personally love the luxury shops at the Bellagio or The Shops at Crystals which have everything from Hermes to Louis Vuitton to Gucci, Chanel + more. While I typically love buying luxury items in Europe (because you don’t pay sales tax haha), Vegas is my next best option because the sales tax in Vegas is lower than California or New York! Any bit I can save, I will take it :p PLUS the stores are open till midnight (I got my back at 11:30pm haha right before Chanel closed)

What I also love about the shopping in Vegas when it comes to luxury designers is that Vegas has a larger inventory of product that is unique to them. You can find styles there other boutiques don’t carry or pieces that have yet to be released online or elsewhere in the country. If you want to find a bag no one else has, go to Vegas + ask for styles unique to them, you are in for a fun surprise! Also if you are into investing + then flipping bags on the Real Real or eBay etc, this is a great place to find styles that will be a hit on second hand retail sites.

If you are looking for more affordable options, look no further than the amazing premium outlets they have 20 minutes outside of the main Vegas strip. From Kate Spade to Brooks Brothers to Nike + more, they have great deals, lower sales tax + also unique inventory that will have you feeling like you won the jackpot 😉 hehe like what I did there?


Similar to shopping, dining is abundant at all price points. Whether you are heading to CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Palazzo or Joe’s at Caesar’s Palace, fine dining is everywhere, with amazing food, impeccable service + a great atmosphere. While we were there, we went to one fancy dinner and then kept the rest more affordable.

What I love about Vegas (or used to prior to me joining Jenny Craig) is all of the amazing buffets + cheap spots to score yummy food. From being able to score a Lobster tail + Steak for under $11.99 at local hot spots like Ellis Island to heading over to Freemont Street and getting a full egg, potato + sausage breakfast for $4, if you want to load up without breaking the bank, Vegas is for you. Keep in mind, if you are trying to stick to a diet, Vegas is very very tempting with their food options. I made a plan, stuck to it + felt good about it along the way (but trust me, when I passed a buffet I was practically drooling).


If you’ve been to Vegas then you know they are known for their shows! Whether you like magic or acrobatics or a bit of a tease, Vegas has literally any show you may be looking for. There are also tons of big name celebrities performing nightly like Celine Dion, Britney Spears (saw her last year + LOVED it), J.Lo + more.

In addition to tons of musical acts there are a ton of MAGIC acts. Now I don’t know if you believe in magic, but I sure enjoy watching it haha! This trip we saw Criss Angel’s ‘Mindfreak’ show which was pretty epic let me tell ya. His residency at the Luxor ends soon so be sure to catch the show before he changes venues + the show layout. Next time I want to check out Penn & Teller at the Rio (my boo + I watch their tv show ‘Fool Us‘ + I am completely obsessed).

Another series of shows I have been wanting to check out is Cirque De Soleil. There are a few different shows at different venues ranging from a Beatles one to Michael Jackson to O to Mysterie + more, tons of varieties all worth checking out if you like to be amazed and in aw.


Ok, this is an obvious one haha Obviously Sin City is known for it’s gambling but what I love is that it is something you can enjoy whether you are beginner trying out slots or an avid gambler who heads straight for the Black Jack table etc. Plus you can get free drinks when you are gambling, alcoholic + non-alcoholic. My tip, don’t gamble with money you aren’t willing to loose, this way anything you win is always a bonus 🙂


Now this is what I am all about…the PHOTOS. I planned a few photo moments before heading to Vegas so I am going to share some of those with ya’ll!

On the way to Vegas there is a major colorful moment called the ‘Seven Magic Mountains‘. We of course stopped + shot a few photos, I highly suggest you do as well.

Photo opps in Vegas…now there are plenty. Of course the major one is the ‘Welcome To Las Vegas’ sign. There is usually a big line to take photos directly in front of the sign but if you walk over to the side + get an angled shot there is no wait + it makes for a great backdrop, that is how I shot the photos in this post.

All of the hotel’s have great photo backdrops near their pools etc but I personally love the lobby of the Bellagio with the glass flower ceiling. They also have a gorgeous garden that is changed every season with incredible creations that are just begging for a snap! I also love the fountains at the Bellagio, they go off every 20 minutes + the are absolutely beautiful, great for a video or boomerang.

Another photo moment I had to experience was the Gondolas at the Venetian. While it is only a 13 minute trip it is worth it. You can go in with others or pay $116 to go alone…and yup you guessed it, we paid to go alone haha crazy how quick you blow money in Vegas but I digress. There is an option to go on the ride outside or inside. I personally like the inside ride better since the whole experience makes you feel like you are in Italy (the ceiling is painted with a gorgeous sky etc).

Ready to plan your trip to Vegas?!

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