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    Lust vs. Must: Chanel Boy Bag…

    Happy Thursday Loves! I was beyond thrilled when I did some cyber snooping and discovered that the company ChicNova has amazing bags that look just like the ever so popular Chanel Boy Bag!

    Yes, ladies…they may not have the signature Chanel C’s…but they are a fraction of the price! The ‘Must’ below retails for….drum roll please, $58! Now while I love myself a Chanel, the Chanel Boy Bag costs…$3,000-$4,000….yea I think my ChicNova pick will do 😉

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    ‘Workout Wednesday’ – ‘Juicing’


    Ok, so the big health fad of ‘juicing’ seems to be making it’s way into the year 2014. The year 2013 was filled with models, celebrities, your neighbor down the street and just about anyone looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle all attributing it to ‘Juicing’.

    If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and aren’t quite familiar with the term ‘Juicing’ let me explain…Basically, for a certain period time, it can be a day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days or even 2 weeks, you don’t eat, but you drink approximately 6 pre-made juices a day as meal replacements in order to cleanse your system and give your body all the nutrients, fruits and vegetables your supposed to be getting on a daily basis, but you rarely do due to poor eating habits.

    Sounds like a reasonable idea? Now I haven’t tried this out yet for a few reasons, 1) Will I be able to function solely on drinking juice even if it is just for 3 days? I’m not too sure…2) Even if it cleanses my system for the 3 days I’m on it, what happens after?…3) If your someone who isn’t ready to commit to a ‘Juicing’ lifestyle, meaning I’m not prepared to do a cleanse every month…is there a point of even jumping in to doing one in the first place?

    Like with most things, I’m slightly skeptical when it comes to juicing. While I am all about trying to be healthy…although I can’t promise to always stick to it 100% of the time, is ‘Juicing’ truly good for you? Or is it simply one more fad that will be replaced in a year with the next health and weight loss breakthrough?

    I think for now I will try a method that has seemed to ring true time after time…working out and eating right. What about you?

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    ‘Celebrity Inspiration’

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    Make A Statement


    Every girl needs a little sparkle in her life so why not make her gleam with a great statement necklace? Whether your shopping for yourself, your friend, a relative, a coworker, or just about anyone, a great statement necklace will be a conversation piece for years to come and instantly transforms any outfit!

    Glitz and glam is always on the agenda for BaubleBar and Capwell + Co, that’s why I picked out my top 5 favorite statement pieces that I totally hope I snag this holiday season!

    Check out which pieces I’m lusting after thanks to BaubleBar & Capwell + Co:

    1)  Tortoise Constellation Bib $58 (Available: Baublebar)

    Tortoise Constellation Bib

    Tortoise Constellation Bib

    2) Rose Gold Pave Pendant $37.99 (Available: Capwell + Co)

    Rose Gold Pave Pendant

    Rose Gold Pave Pendant

    3) Black & Gold Geometric Collar Necklace $42 (Available: Capwell + Co)

    Black & Gold Geometric Collar Necklace

    Black & Gold Geometric Collar Necklace

    4) Rose Crystal Bunting Strand $34 (Available: BaubleBar)

    Rose Crystal Bunting Strand

    Rose Crystal Bunting Strand

    5) Pave Links Necklace $38 (Available: BaubleBar)

    Pave Links Necklace

    Pave Links Necklace

    Happy Shopping Fashion Lovers!

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