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    Ulta Beauty Holiday Fragrance Gift Guide

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    It’s no secret that I have a slight love obsession with Ulta, but what I love even more is when someone smells simply delicious, that’s why I had to share my favorite holiday fragrance sets from Ulta Beauty. Whether your shopping for your friend, your boss, your family member or even your boo, here’s the top fragrance sets of perfume and cologne sure to make any person in your life happy!

    All of these sets are available online at (perfect for one stop shopping) and they offer free shipping with a $25 minimum (subject to change) and there is alway tons of coupons to be used for either a certain amount off or for a free gift with purchase! Also, be sure to sign up for Ulta Rewards to earn points towards free gifts (a treat well deserved after holiday shopping)!

    Here’s my top 10 favorite fragrance sets, all for different types of people at different price points:

    1) ‘Philosophy’ State Of Grace set $35 (Available: here)

    'Philosophy' State Of Grace

    ‘Philosophy’ State Of Grace

    2) ‘Pink Sugar’ Sweetly Pink Gift Set $49 (Available: here)

    'Pink Sugar' Sweetly Pink Gift Set

    ‘Pink Sugar’ Sweetly Pink Gift Set

    3) Justin Bieber ‘Key’ Gift Set $65 (Available: here)

    Justin Bieber 'Key' Gift Set

    Justin Bieber ‘Key’ Gift Set

    4) Juicy Couture ‘The Night Is For Noir’ Gift Set $40 (Available: here)

    Juicy Couture 'The Night Is For Noir' Set

    Juicy Couture ‘The Night Is For Noir’ Set

    5) Giorgio Armani ‘Armani Code’ Gift Set $80 (Available: here)

    Giorgio Armani 'Armani Code' Gift Set

    Giorgio Armani ‘Armani Code’ Gift Set

    6) Gucci ‘Guilty’ Gift Set $100 (Available: here)

    Gucci 'Guilty' Gift Set

    Gucci ‘Guilty’ Gift Set

    7) John Varvatos ‘Coffret’ Set $45 (Available: here)

    John Varvatos 'Coffret' Set

    John Varvatos ‘Coffret’ Set

    8) Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’ Gift Set $102 (Available: here)

    Jimmy Choo 'Flash' Gift Set

    Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’ Gift Set

    9) Ralph Lauren ‘Polo Blue’ Gift Set $61 (Available: here)

    Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.18.11 AM

    Ralph Lauren ‘Polo Blue’ Gift Set

    10) Coach ‘Poppy’ Coffret $38 (Available: here)

    Coach 'Poppy' Coffret

    Coach ‘Poppy’ Coffret

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    Happy Shopping!

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    Personal Touches

    Pave Initial Disc Pendant from BaubleBar

    Pave Initial Disc Pendant from BaubleBar

    Nothing is quite as meaningful as a personalized gift. Engraving someones name or initials whether it’s jewelry, a book, a tech item or anything for that matter gives that little extra touch to show that the gift your giving had a lot of thought put into it.

    I personally love having something unique to me…something no one else will have because it was personalized to my liking. Small or big, now-a-days every retailer is offering ‘personalization’ options to which consumers can make the item they are purchasing truly their own!

    Here are some of my favorite personalized pieces for the season (and there after):

    1) Classic Script Monogram Necklace $100 (Available at BaubleBar)

    Classic Script Monogram Necklace

    Classic Script Monogram Necklace

    2) Sarah Chloe ‘Elle Bangle’ (Personalized to you preference) $129 (Available at BaubleBar)

    Sarah Chloe 'Elle Bangle'

    Sarah Chloe ‘Elle Bangle’

    3) Rhinestone Initial Mug $14.99 (Numerous color options) (Available: here)

    Rhinestone Initial Mug

    Rhinestone Initial Mug

    4) Monogram iPhone 5 Case (Numerous options available; size, color, font etc.) (Available: Zazzle)

    Monogram iPhone 5 Case

    Monogram iPhone 5 Case

    5) Gigi New York Personalized ‘Clutch’ $105 (Comes in numerous colors) (Available: Gigi)

    Gigi New York Personalized 'Clutch'

    Gigi New York Personalized ‘Clutch’

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    Happy Shopping Fashionista!

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    My One Stop Beauty Shop: Ulta

    Every girl has her go to store for all things beauty. Some gals are devoted Sephora fans others opt to head to Bloomingdales or Saks, however personally, my fav go to beauty store is Ulta.

    It’s the perfect place for a girl on a budget, they always have coupons, sales and free gifts with purchase and what I love most? They have amazing customer service and go above and beyond to accommodate their customers!

    Ulta has all the brands you love: Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, Bareninerals, Paul Mitchell and more, all at affordable prices and with experts who can match you with the products that suit you best.

    Another thing I truly love about Ulta, their return policy. How many times do you try a new shade of foundation or a certain lipstick and realize it just isn’t for you? What do you do? Eat the cost? Attempt to return it and the store not take it back? Give it to your sister? Well at Ulta they will take anything and I mean anything back if your not happy, even if you lost the receipt and the package is open they will give you a store credit and can even look up the purchase on your credit card or Ulta rewards card which leads me to my next reason on why I love Ulta…the rewards.

    Ulta has one of the best rewards programs around and trust me I looked into Sephora, Bareminerals etc. 4 times a year Ulta sends you a rewards booklet with the level you reached based on your purchases for that particular time frame.

    You can score shampoos, lipsticks, mascara or even a flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron! The rewards never expire, although there is an expiration date the managers always accept them past that date and they will help you find whatever you need.

    If I haven’t convinced you to check out Ulta I’m not quite sure what will, but like I said, you have nothing to loose with their happiness guarantee and their unbeatable prices!

    Shop Ulta

    Ulta also has tons of great specials going on for the Holidays! Whether your shopping for yourself, a teenager, a pre teen or even a man in your life, Ulta has it all at great prices!

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    Lust vs. Must – Kitty Flats

    Lust: Charlotte Olympia Must: Nordstrom Rack

    Lust: Charlotte Olympia
    Must: Nordstrom Rack

    One of the ‘must have’ shoes of the season are Charlotte Olympia’s ‘Kitty Flats’. Now while Olympia’s retail for a whopping $825 (available at Nordstrom), I have found some affordable alternatives!

    This week’s ‘Lust vs. Must‘ is all about leopard and kitty slippers!

    The Leopard Smoking Slippers I’m wearing under ‘Must’, I found at Nordstrom Rack for $35, beat that Charlotte Olympia!

    I also found some cheap yet still chic alternatives at Charlotte Russe for only $24.50

    Charlotte Russe 'Kitty Flats'

    Charlotte Russe ‘Kitty Flats’

    Forever 21 had these great ‘Cool Cat’ slippers also at a reasonable price, $22.80!

    Forever 21 'Cool Cat' Flats

    Forever 21 ‘Cool Cat’ Flats

    If your looking for just simple leopard flats, your in luck! Nordstrom has these great one’s from Julianne Hough for Sole Society for only $59.95!

    Julianne Hough For Sole Society 'Britton' Flat

    Julianne Hough For Sole Society ‘Britton’ Flat

    To Purchase:

    Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty Flats’ $825: Nordstrom
    Charlotte Russe ‘Kitty Flats’ $24.50: Charlotte Russe
    Forever 21 ‘Cool Cat Flats’ $22.80: Forever 21
    Julianne Hough For Sole Society ‘Britton’ Flat $59.95: Nordstrom

    Happy Shopping!

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    Saks Off Fifth Online!


    First TJ Maxx launches their online store and now as of a few days ago one of my favorite outlets, Saks Off Fifth announced the launch of their e-commerce boutique to shop great designer names at affordable prices!

    Can life get any better? I think not!

    Seems like retailers everywhere are noticing just how important a great online presence is, not just an in store experience!

    Shop Now: Saks Off Fifth