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    Missy + Marilyn…

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    Happy Tuesday everyone! I am happy to report that I am writing today’s post from sunny Los Angeles where I am officially living now! Crazy I know…I still can’t wrap my head around being on the other side of the country from my family but luckily I have my blogger gal pals here to feel like family in the interim 🙂 This post is a little flashback to one of the exciting things I did pre-leaving NY…visiting the Marilyn Monroe Spa in the Hyatt Times Square in NYC! (Had to get my last Manhattan fix in before I said ‘bye for now’).

    Having a relaxing spa day before a long journey and some new beginnings was completely necessary. I got a mani/pedi and a fabulous haircut and blow out and truly had my own ‘Marilyn’ moment (all that was missing was the movie star title hehe).  Read More + Enter The Giveaway

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    Missy On Melrose…

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    Happy Monday Ya’ll! Sorry if I haven’t been writing as much the past two weeks but between my trip to LA a week ago and a new revelation that just came about, I have been overwhelmed, swamped and just needed a moment to breathe (you know you have totally had those kind of weeks :p).

    Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to pre-warn ya that today’s outfit post is far from typical. I won’t just be talking about what I am wearing because honestly the news I have to share is WAY more exciting…

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    Rompin’ Around…

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    So yes…this happened…I finally wore a romper! First time in years wearing one, but when I spotted this floral number from Choies I knew it was meant to be! With my trip to LA just around the corner, I figured this would be the perfect outfit to pack for brunch, lunch, events or a trip to the Santa Monica pier (can you tell I have been California dreaming for a while now :p).

    I have been counting down heading back to LA since my first visit last year…the sunshine, palm trees and the ability to wear shorts, skirts and dresses everyday is a little slice of heaven for me…

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    Heart Wall…

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    Love is in the air…or maybe just on the wall 😉 Downtown in NoLita this wall gets a new paint job every season from different artists…over the summer I shot in front of the wall when it was ‘Anna Wintour + Karl Lagerfeld‘ and here I am in front of the wall of hearts (I LOVE all of the bright colors for spring) so naturally I had to wear a bright clue outfit in front of it…ya know to really make the paint job ‘Pop’ 😉

    Finding gems like this is what I love about NYC. All of the street art and the gorgeous scenery in this great spring weather really makes me realize why I do love NY although I am constantly dreaming of living in LA. I guess you always think the grass is greener on the other side huh?

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    Spring Transition…

    MissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazerI am determined to make it spring outside…I am over the slushy sidewalks, constant fear of snow screwing up my commute and the fact that it makes me sleepier than usual (case in point I am practically falling asleep while writing this…in case you didn’t know, I write my posts the night before they are published…9/10 times I am wrapped in a towel with wet hair laying on my bed having the constant battle in my head of whether to write the post or pass out…clearly we see what won…writing the post haha) I LOVE color year round, so it’s no surprise that for one of the freezing days at NYFW I decided to wear shades of white, blue and black (all I am missing is gold and it could potentially be #The Dress…seriously didn’t understand that whole craze for all of 24 hours haha) Anyways…Back to what I am wearing and how it can transition perfectly into the spring.

    MissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazerI love everything about today’s look because all of the pieces can be worn in various ways. A faux fur vest is a great option to wear well into spring because it keeps ya warm without the bulkiness of a coat…what I did here to keep me warm, is simply layer it over my white boyfriend blazer (did I mention how much I love white blazers…pretty much love them more than black ones..clearly not traditional haha). And what matches with a white blazer better than white pants right? #Obsessed + For my ‘Pop Of Color’ a cobalt blue blouse…my favorite color for spring…summer…pretty much year round 😉

    MissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazerAccessories wise I kinda did ‘All Black Everything’ minus my navy suede OTK boots that is 😉 How great are they? I can’t believe I scored them on clearance at Nordstrom Rack (basically they were a present to myself when I ‘even exchanged’ the gift my mom got me for Christmas…hey it’s still a present right? :p) I have worn this black floppy hat in a few different outfit posts now…once in Florida by the pool, once with a chic red sweater and once with my snow day outfit. And of course my newest handbag investment…the Gucci Soho Work Tote…I seriously love it and wear it everyday to work…best bag for commuting <3

    MissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazerOn a side note, I got my first ever facial at Sisley Paris in NYC last night and it was the BEST facial I ever got in my life…I left with my skin feeling rejuvenated, fresh and as soft as a baby’s bottom 😉 I can’t wait to go back and save up to own all of their products (maybe I will have to cut back on the shopping…hmmm #WhatIsAGirlToDo?)MissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazerMissyOnMadison fashionblogger fauxfurvest whiteskinnyjeans blackfloppyhat navysuedeoverhtekneeboots otkboots cobaltblueblouse whiteboyfriendblazer*Photos By Lydia Hudgens

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