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    Weekend Word Play…

    wordsofwisdom laugh dreambig nordstrom target marshalls tjmaxx quotes sayings art decor missyonmadison blog blogger Finally time for some weekend rest and relaxation…or if you are me that means a busy weekend filled with outfit shoots and brainstorming blog ideas…creativity never sleeps 😉 That is just one of my favorite little ‘sayings’ or mantras which coincidentally relates to today’s post…Weekend Word Play!

    In my opinion, a home or office tells a lot about a person. Their hopes, dreams, goals and more, so the way you dress it, similarly to how one dresses themselves, is a way of speaking without saying a single word…

    I recently purchased a few ‘Words To Live By’ pieces from Target, Nordstrom & Kohls and got inspired to share some great picks with you! Let your creativity flow and fill your happy place with some wise sayings 🙂

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    Daddy’s Girl…

    dad daddysgirl missyonmadison 1972chevelle chevelle ss redchevelle red1972chevelle fathersday dad love familyToday is a very special TGIF, it’s my dad’s birthday! With Father’s Day around the corner (Sunday June 15h) and his birthday today, I decided to share some of the best advice, lessons and words of wisdom I’ve heard and learned from my dad…even the ones that took a little while to sink in…what can I say I’m a slow learner 😉

    My dad is my rock and my best friend, always has been and always will be. When I’m sad, upset or just need advice he is the man I go to. He keeps it real (sometimes too real) and tells it like it is, always with an underlying eternal love for me and the rest of my siblings. He is a hard worker, a family man and above all a saint to put up with me and my antics day after day…yea the faces he makes when I come home with shopping bags or a Starbucks cup are no joke 🙂

    Jim (my dad) is all about speaking the truth. When I put on weight he tells me, when I am acting like a fool he tells me, when I need to stop shopping he tells me…the man is never shy when it comes to speaking his mind. He is the cool dad that is hip, fun and is a big kid at heart…one of his favorite toys being his 1972 Chevelle SS seen above…isn’t it gorgeous? He wouldn’t have it any other way…the man is a perfectionist…no scratch, scuff or speck of dust gets past him haha! He is also a huge supporter of my blog. He would help take photos, tell me what outfits I looked good in and even helped come up with the name <3

    But enough of that, time to share the top 10 things I learned from my father…some of them I love, some not so much but either way they are lessons lived and learned that I will pass along to you, here it goes:

    1. Take Care Of Yourself & Your Body.

    This means, hit the gym, eat right and take care of your body and mind. Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but when I need to get my ass to gym and stop eating garbage my dad tells me…over and over again like a drill sargent. It always upsets me but I have learned it’s a lot easier to hear it from him than any other guy…trust me, been there done that.

    2. The Right Guy Will Wait.

    It means exactly what it says. My dad says all the time, I’m a guy I know how guys think, listen to your old man…any guy worth having will wait for you till your ready (we aren’t five here so I hope we all know what I’m referring to) I’ve had my fair share of disappointments complaining to my dad how chivalry is dead and guys are douche bags and I hate dating, but my dad reiterates that ‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find a prince…not that you actually have to kiss any of the losers though’ haha…oh how he cracks me up.

    3. Don’t Worry About Others, Worry About Yourself.

    When I was little and I came home with a 90 on a test instead of a 100 my dad would jokingly say what happened to the 100. I would always say the same thing…a 90 is good dad I did better than so and so. My dad wouldn’t hear that, his famous line ‘I don’t care about what anyone else got, I only care about what you got’. Lesson learned, comparing myself to others doesn’t do any good, focus on me and only me.

    4. Be A Single Successful Independent Woman.

    He says what he means and means what he says. Don’t rely on a guy to give you the things you want in life…do it yourself. Anytime I get down in the dumps about dating, he says forget the losers and focus on your blog and future career. Who cares about dumb guys…while for most girls it’s easier said than done, when you stop focusing on useless drama, your career flourishes and so does you happiness…so everyone should take note of this!

    5. Push Yourself To Try New Things.

    I am one that gets stuck in my ways and is usually someone who will make every excuse in the book not to try something, but since my dad has instilled this lesson I am expanding my horizons. With food, work out routines, my blog etc. Never in a million years did I think I would like spinning…I did it once and hated it (can you say sore butt for days) but once my dad kept pushing me to go I realized it’s kind of calming and fun!

    6. If Someone Is Interested They Will Make An Effort.

    Ok, this has been one of the toughest and hardest lessons to learn and accept. My dad gets vibes on people right away and when he met my ex he knew after just 2 or 3 weeks he wasn’t it. ‘When a guy stops making an effort and the attitude and behavior changes…time to move on’, yup dad you were right, and will always be right. He said he had to throw a brick at my head before it finally sunk in, if a guy is interested he will travel gods green earth to be with you…the second an excuse comes up 9 times out of 10 run for the hills. Take it from a guy he knows the tricks of the trade 😉

    7. SAVE.

    Ok, so clearly the advice on my shopping problem hasn’t sunk in. I feel buying something on sale or clearance is saving…oops, sorry dad but the whole saving money to move out and stop shopping thing isn’t appealing to me just yet…maybe in a year or two or five…haha

    8. Man Up.

    Alrighty, as a sensitive, emotional and gullible person, I am someone who rarely wants to defend myself (unless it’s within family arguments of course) and I almost never want to confront someone or be a bitch. As my dad always says, I can be a bitch to the people in the house (family is a lot easier to stand up to than a boss, friend, boyfriend etc), but when I need to fight battles with those who have hurt me I rarely do so. So as my dad said, sometimes you have to be a bitch in business and in life…stand up for yourself or others will walk all over you.

    9. Have Fun.

    Sometimes when you take life too seriously whether it’s your career, love life, drama etc…you forget what makes you happy. My dad is always telling us to enjoy life, be grateful for what we have (although he prays we win the lottery everyday) and to most importantly have fun. Try new things, meet people and get out of the house. He hates when he comes home on a gorgeous day and myself and my siblings are being hermits in the house…get moving!

    10. Family Comes First.

    Last but not least, a lesson I occasionally loose sight of, family always comes first. Anytime I’m upset or angry, I along with tons of others take our frustrations out on our family members. My dad always says don’t blame us for your issues, we are here for you, don’t be mad at us…we are here to help.

    dad daddysgirl summer li longisland waterfall pool famiyl love This pic is a ‘Flashback Friday’ moment from a few years ago…suiting for Flashback Friday!

    Happy Birthday JT <3 & Stay Tuned For A Father’s Day Gift Guide!

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    My Simply Stylist Takeaway!

    Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Simply Stylist conference in NYC!

    May I just say it’s amazing how many fashion and beauty bloggers are out there, and having them all in one place is a stylish overload!

    The conference consisted of keynote speakers like ‘The Hills’ star turned entrepreneur, Lo Bosworth, Catt Sadler of E!, America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel and more.

    Each person gave their ‘key’ tips on how to make it in beauty and fashion, how to turn your blog into a business and basically how to get what you want out of life.

    It was inspiring to hear about the humble begins of Catt Sadler who grew up in the Midwest dreaming of being on tv and living in the big city. It made all of us who attended feel anything is possible if you just ‘Dive In’ as Jay Manuel would say and go for it!

    While there was tons of great advice and insight to go around, a few key points stood out to me which I am thrilled to pass along to you:

    1) It’s All About Connections & Networking:
    Don’t be shy ladies and gents. If you want to work for a particular company one day or just get your foot in the door to the industry, surround yourself with people that can help you get there. Attend events, parties, conferences, tweet, Instagram, Facebook; make everyone know who you are, being shy won’t get you anywhere, but being a little social butterfly will.

    2) Be Direct:
    You want that amazing internship or job that you know half the world is applying for, so what are you to do? Easy, come up with a business proposal for yourself, treat the application, resume and cover letter like its a business. Go out of your way to take a major interest in the company; follow it on all social platforms, e-mail the key people or departments your interested in (not just HR), explain why your amazing and how hard your willing to work. Sell yourself, why should they want you?

    3) Be Kind:
    While being a bitch can get you what you want faster, I’m a true believer in the fact that I’d rather be loved than feared. Being nice to people, makes you a better person, makes others appreciate your presence and in most cases will lead to positive things. Sure there is always a time to stand firm and speak up for what you want or believe in, but if you do it all the time no one will take it seriously, however if you do it once in a while people are more likely to truly be interested in what you have to say.

    These 3 principles not only helped the panelists at the conference get to where they are today, but me as well.

    Fashionistas take note: follow these principles and your likely to succeed in anything you wish to accomplish!

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