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    My Everyday Hair Care Routine…

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    1. Moroccan Oil Treatment // Eva-NYC ‘Mane Tamer’ :: 2. Wet Brush :: 3. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo :: 4. Hot Tools Curling Iron :: 5. Moroccan Oil Hairspray

    After Tuesday’s post, I received a few questions on how I get the curls in my hair A) To stay in this harsh winter weather + B) How I get them in my hair period + What products do I use. Well I’m sharing my secret, which isn’t much of a secret at all…I am a low maintenance kind of girl (only when it comes to my hair and makeup of course) so the less work I have to do the better 😉 Here’s my easy product guide to getting loose curls to stay in the dead of winter!

    1. Moroccan Oil OR Eva-NYC ‘Mane Tamer’ :: If I plan on blowing out my hair and need to de-frizz I use Moroccan Oil…it smells delicious, makes hair more manageable and is light weight. If I want to let my hair air dry (which is most of the time nowadays…who knew the whole constant straightening in high school would lead me to never wanting to do extra work on my hair ever again lol) I use Eva-NYC’s ‘Mane Tamer’…once again, smells delicious but this is a cream and definitely should be used only if you allow your hair to air dry because it may weigh your hair down or make it slightly oily if you are prone to oily hair.

    2. The Wet Brush :: This brush is my savior….like literally the best brush I have every owned. Here is a fun fact about me…before beginning my career in NYC, while I was in college I was a receptionist at a hair salon on Long Island. I tried out tons of hair styling tools, products and processes, and that’s where I discovered a few of my favorite items…including the Wet Brush. I keep one in the shower to brush through my hair after I shampoo + condition and I keep one in my room to brush through my hair once again after using Eva-NYC or Moroccan Oil.

    3. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo :: I LIVE by this product, I have yet to find a dry shampoo I love as much as this one. I buy it in bulk (I’m talking like 6 cans at a time) and I have one with me no matter where I go. Every morning I spray some in my hair. Typically I was and let my hair air dry the night before I plan on curling it this way my hair has a little oil to make it easier to hold a curl (beauty school 101 minus the beauty school haha). Before I curl my hair I always spray this dry shampoo because it adds a little extra volume and it’s easier the curls to hold a grip.

    4. Hot Tools Gold Plated Curling Iron :: After going through hot rollers, regular rollers, round brushes and straightening irons, the best kept secret to getting great curls that hold? The ever so popular Hot Tools Gold Plated Curling Iron…I own 3 (you know for when I travel etc haha or in case one breaks and I have a hair emergency). It’s easy to use, great quality and gets the job done…takes me about 15-20 minutes to curl my whole head of hair.

    5. Moroccan Oil Hairspray :: This hairspray is amazing…it smells great, adds shine and is lightweight…finally a hairspray that gives you the hold your curls need without the crunchy texture no one ever wants…#Obsessed #Savior #IHashtagWayTooMuch :p

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    Moroccan Oil Treatment // Eva-NYC ‘Mane Tamer’ // Wet Brush // Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo // Hot Tools Curling Iron // Moroccan Oil Hairspray

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