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    Tips for Keeping A Happy Perspective…

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    Had to start off today’s post with some of my favorite lyrics from a song that always cheers me up…’Happy‘ by Pharrell from the Despicable Me soundtrack hehe :p I don’t know about you but between blogging, starting my own business + working 24/7 sometimes it is hard to keep a happy perspective when I am trying to do it all. Because of that I have been striving to always be happy no matter what is happening in life so I wanted to share some of my tips for keeping a happy outlook + positive attitude no matter what.


    Too often the number one stressor people have is not having a plan. Whether that be a plan for their future, a plan for their week, a plan for work etc. While I often have a lot of different things going on at once, I keep my sanity + my positive attitude by writing things down in my calendar + creating plans + timelines for when + how I need to get things done. By doing this I avoid getting unhappy + stressed out by different situations coming up 🙂


    The number one way to make yourself unhappy? Not caring for yourself. Whether it’s unwinding with your favorite show, reading a good book or taking a vacation, taking time to rest, recharge + do the things you enjoy is crucial to keeping a happy outlook each + every day.


    As I’ve gotten older I learned the importance of not stressing over little issues. Something that tends to always stress me out isn’t big problems, it’s little problems that pop up randomly. By conditioning yourself to not overreact when little bumps arise, you are able to feel a lot happier + carefree.


    A sure fire way to keep me happy is by traveling, trying new hobbies or just exploring a new interest. Whether it be buying a Groupon for a fun activity or traveling to a new city, switching things up is a great way to get out of a funk, brighten up your mood + give you a happy outlook!


    OK, so I am so guilty of not following this + in turn getting frustrated haha We live in a world where everything is constant, jobs are basically 24/7 + we are all motivated to do our best + succeed. Now being a go-getter is of course AMAZING, BUT not so much at the expense of your relationships with family + friends, your mental health + your overall happiness. A key to happiness in my opinion is knowing your limits + what you can and can’t handle. If I need help I am not afraid to ask for it AND I am not afraid to say no if I know it truly doesn’t serve me well 🙂

    What things do you do to maintain a happy outlook? I’d love to hear!

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