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    Dreaming Of Travel…

    Palm Print Dress || Green Ark Bag || Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals


    These dreamy Hawaiian photos were taken back in February at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki the day after Mike + I got engaged. I was in engaged bliss, excited for what’s ahead, enjoying the island breeze and looking forward to wedding planning, never thinking that COVID would get to the US or let alone impact daily life the way it has. It’s so weird to be living in this time where there is so much uncertainty, inability to really plan ahead, travel or know what’s to come.

    Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous places, I am dreaming of going back for our honeymoon which still seems so far away given we are still up in the air about our wedding still happening in May of 2021 with COVID restrictions. It’s been tough, tough to know what to do, tough to know how to plan + tough to think back on simpler times.

    I think we all want a sense of normalcy which is so hard to have right now, so I decided to distract myself with reminiscing of this past trip + trying to dream of where I want to travel to next once things resume to normal!

    This tropical look was one of my favorites from my Hawaii trip since then I blended in with the Palm Trees haha :p I scored this dress on Amazon for under $50 + this bag is also an Amazon find – both are perfect for any tropical vacays or adventures.

    This is how I am going to start thinking as we continue to navigate this pandemic…when + where will I get to wear this tropical look again. When there are no more masks, no more fears of catching the virus, no more restrictions on traveling, going out to eat, getting nails + hair done etc.

     🌺 Where do you want to travel to next?  🌺

    Palm Print Dress || Green Ark Bag || Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals

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    We’re ENGAGED!

     💍WE’RE ENGAGED  💍

    Ya’ll I don’t even know where to start but the most magical thing happened while we were at Disney Aulani for my birthday…my boo proposed! YES I am ENGAGED! I am still in shock…it was the most perfect, romantic proposal I could have ever dreamed of so let me dive in and give you all the deets!

    As you all know I am a MAJOR Disney fanatic and every year we typically head to Disney World to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary but this year my now fiance decided he wanted to switch things up and head to Hawaii so naturally I said we need to have a Disney element to our trip so Aulani became the only choice! 

    We checked in on February 2nd the day before my birthday and I was incredibly anxious because I was hoping he would propose since this was also going to be our 3 year anniversary!

    So we are enjoying Aulani, I head to the spa the morning of my birthday, relaxing getting a body treatment while my boo gets a massage and then we head back to the room to get ready for a character dinner we booked for my birthday that night.

    I finish getting ready and my boo says let’s head to the beach to get sunset pictures before dinner (knowing me I never one to turn down photos although I was suspicious at this point) so we head down to the beach and we start walking away from people who can take our picture so I’m looking around and then all of a sudden he says ‘Melissa’ in a serious tone, gets down on one knee and I burst into tears without another word being said haha He puts the ring on my finger and I am full on ugly crying I am so thrilled. missyonmadison, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, missyonmadison blog, engaged, bride to be, aulani, disney aulani resort, disney aulani proposal, getting engaged at aulani, how he asked, engaged in hawaii, hawaii trip, engaged on my birthday, my engagement story, my proposal story, perfect proposal, proposal ideas, engagement ring,

    While I am in full crying mode out from behind the bushes comes Vanessa my fav photographer turned one of my closest gal pals who was secretly shooting the proposal and then took our engagement photos during our trip. This as silly as this sounds meant the most to me because it was something I told my boo I wanted so he remembered her, got her contact info, emailed her months prior and planned the whole proposal and shoot without me ever knowing…truly a man after my heart with beautiful pictures in mind ♥

    My ring is a 2.5 carat cushion cut diamond ring…exactly what I dreamed of and wanted, my fiance did and amazing job getting it sized to perfection and knowing what I’d love especially since I had nothing to do with the ring selection process (he refused to listen to me haha :p)

    Now comes the even better part…because I truly love Disney my boo and I decided we are going to have a DISNEY WEDDING!!!! AHHH I was never too excited about having a wedding because my family dynamics are a bit dysfunctional and I don’t have a huge circle of friends but the fact that I get to have the wedding of my dreams complete with Mickey Mouse at Disney World…now I am EXCITED ♥

    I’ll be heading to Disney’s Fantasy Weddings Event at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World in Orlando in two weeks to begin getting inspo for the wedding!

    Let the wedding planning begin!  💍

    *All photos are from my amazing friend Vanessa Hicks Photography*

    P.S. our wedding hashtag will be #MissyMarriesMike

    If you are wondering about the dresses I am wearing in this post they are both from REVOLVE below:

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    Hawaii Bound Guide…

     1. ONE || 2. TWO || 3. THREE || 4. FOUR || 5. FIVE || 6. SIX || 7. SEVEN || 8. EIGHT || 9. NINE || 10. TEN 


    Ya’ll I am so excited to be heading to Hawaii this weekend for the first time ever! We both have never been to Hawaii and this will be such a different type of vacation for us because typically we just head to the theme parks at Disney World each year for our anniversary + my birthday but this year my boo wanted to do something different and actually relax on vacation so Hawaii here we come!

    We are heading to Disney’s Aulani Resort + I can’t wait to visit somewhere new, soak up some sun + embrace a little R+R with my boo so I wanted to share what I’ll be packing along on my trip ♥






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