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    Heart Wall…

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    Love is in the air…or maybe just on the wall 😉 Downtown in NoLita this wall gets a new paint job every season from different artists…over the summer I shot in front of the wall when it was ‘Anna Wintour + Karl Lagerfeld‘ and here I am in front of the wall of hearts (I LOVE all of the bright colors for spring) so naturally I had to wear a bright clue outfit in front of it…ya know to really make the paint job ‘Pop’ 😉

    Finding gems like this is what I love about NYC. All of the street art and the gorgeous scenery in this great spring weather really makes me realize why I do love NY although I am constantly dreaming of living in LA. I guess you always think the grass is greener on the other side huh?

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    Smells Like Spring Spirit…

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     If you ask me, it smells like spring spirit! Bright colors, warm weather with a slight breeze…I have never been happier…can’t ya tell 😉 I feel like I can finally come out of hibernation and be me again hence why I am all smiles in today’s post (plus the fact that I am only a month away from attending Lucky FABB in NYC (see my experience from last year’s conference in LA here) + heading on my trip to LA…may have something to do with that smile haha)

    Anyways…you know I love any outfit that involves color, so a blue bag and blue sunnies had to complete this winter to spring transitional look…duh! I actually found this look in my archives of outfits in my iPhoto library…it’s crazy how many looks I’ve shot that haven’t been posted yet. I think I have this fear of not having enough outfit inspo to share with you guys and I would never want haha plus nothing is worse than wasting a great outfit without it being seen right? 😉

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