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    Here Goes Nothing…

    Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo - Red Midi Skirt - White Pointed Pumps - Black Crop TopWell Here Goes Nothing…After a year and a half of blogging I decided it’s about time for me to get personal with you all…after all blogging is about sharing a little bit about yourself…your hobbies, interests, stories etc. I began blogging as an outlet, an escape, a way for me to share my passion of fashion with the world, but what I’ve noticed over the time I’ve started blogging is most girls only share the good…not the bad and certainly not the ugly. Bloggers share what they want the world to see…the picture perfect photos…stunning outfits…gorgeous vacations, but what about everything else that goes on in their life? Is everything as perfect as it appears on instagram? Well maybe it is for some but certainly not for me.

    While it took me literally a year to conquer up the courage to open myself up completely I decided that people like people…meaning being genuine, real and yourself is something most people can relate to…hey I love when some bloggers take a chance to reveal a little about themselves (other than their fashion sense) so why am I keeping things under wraps right? Well here it goes…a new weekend series being added to the blog and this one doesn’t include a shopping guide or outfit of the day…it just includes me being me, a weekly diary entry so to speak 😉

    Something I have truly been struggling with over the past few years is (drum roll please) dating…Yes I know crazy to think that Prince Charming hasn’t magically shown up on my door step right? haha wrong…Since talking to my friends and just people I meet in my travels I’ve discovered that I shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel weird about discussing my dating life…it’s actually quite comical and has been making my family and close friends laugh for years…let’s just say Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on me and I can only pray that at the end of all this, my Mr.Big comes equipped with a pair of Manolos to seal the deal…till then you guys get to follow along on my journey with me…you are in for a bumpy ride.

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    Here’s a little background…I’ve been doing online dating for 3.5 years…yes, you heard me…3.5 years…it’s crazy, I literally cringed realizing that which didn’t even come to mind till I was discussing this new dating series with my mom. My parents and friends have encouraged me for years to share the crazy experiences I’ve had with the world but I was so caught up in just wanting to be a ‘fashion blog‘ that I couldn’t bare to think anyone would care about my dating disasters. Who knew my trials and tribulations could be pure entertainment to others :p What finally convinced me to get real + in depth was a recent e-mail I received from an Adelphi University student who reached out to me about a piece she was writing about for the school paper discussing Tinder.

    She wrote to me asking if she could interview me for the article. I literally opened the e-mail, read it and laughed hysterical…A) Wondering how she knew I was on Tinder, B) How she found me + C) Why she wanted to hear what I had to say. So naturally I responded to her e-mail with those exact questions…I told her I have stories to last a lifetime, but asked how she came across me…now get ready to laugh because her response literally caused a mass text to all of my friends…She told me she came across my profile on LinkedIn when she searched ‘dating + relationship expert’…I almost died…me? A relationship and dating expert? HAHA Now that is a legit Laugh Out Loud moment…I’ve been on Jdate, Jswipe, Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, Ok Cupid and Coffee Meets Bagel…so I wouldn’t necessarily say I am an expert…but maybe a professional online dating app tester…I wish I could get paid to do it the way people get paid to participate in drug trials because trust me it’s almost what it feels like haha. (PS I still have no idea how I came up when she searched those terms because nowhere did I put any of those things in my profile lol…LinkedIn has a funny sense of humor I suppose)

    So now you guys have something to look forward to…A weekly look into the fabulous world of online dating as told by a twenty something gal who has a laundry list of qualities she is looking for in a future beau (I am a picky shit #SorryNotSorry…along with a long list of issues she has herself…hey not everyone can be perfect 😉

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    So let’s start with what I am looking for…you know in case you find someone who fits the bill haha This is probably one of the top questions I’ve gotten on online dating…’What Are You Looking For?‘ which means:

    A) Are you looking to hook up?

    B) Are you looking for a relationship?

    C) Are you open to either possibility? {which usually means you are willing to hook up but don’t want to come across as the ‘hook up’ kind of gal}

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    Well ladies and gents I am in fact looking for a relationship…sorry boys but I don’t play games, I have no interest in testing the waters and I most certainly don’t want your dick pics, your selfies or your sexting until I am actually to the point of potentially liking you (which is becoming more + more difficult everyday and even then still prefer if you keep the photos to yourself or maybe start your own blog to share them…I don’t care, just don’t send them to me :p).

    I think it’s almost comical when guys ask that question because the thing is when you ask guys that question in return they will do 1 of 2 things…

    A) Lie and say they are looking for a relationship because they think that’s what you want to hear and will get them one step closer to sealing the deal

    B) Be honest and say they just want to hook up for that off chance you will actually jump on it and say ok let’s do it

    Now if you are the kind of gal looking for that then the whole online dating scene is perfect for you…if you are not, it is literally like searching for a needle in a haystack. See, the not so fantastic thing about online dating is the fact that guys will say things online that they would never have the guts to say in real life.

    Case in point…have you ever went out with your girlfriends and have a guy approach you asking if he could lick your feet? If you have I would assume the guy was highly intoxicated or high. Online Dating allows guys, girls etc to say everything and absolutely anything.

    onlinedatinggif onlinedating sexgif missyonmadison lol

    They can make up a whole new persona…they can be a total player online but in life be the shyest type of guy who would never have the confidence to approach a girl in a bar…but online, he has not a worry in the world…if he gets rejected no one will know about it…no one will judge him and no one will care and within 30 seconds he can hit on a new girl and so on and so forth…pretty crazy right? That’s the thing about being online…you can be the person you always wanted to be and no one else will really know who you are (kind of similar to blogging right?). Well For now I will leave you with that because trust me…there is plenty more where that came from + I truly can’t wait to fully share this part of me with you!

    For more of my day to day adventures add me on SnapChat (where I showcase my not so glamorous life haha) – MissyOnMadison

    Do you have questions or stories about online dating? E-mail me and share your crazy experiences with me because I would love to hear if we have mutual disasters haha!!

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    CK One Color – My Savior


    I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a girly girl, I love looking good and feeling my best, however one thing I’m not a huge fan of is being outgoing and creative with my makeup. Call me boring, call me plain but my version of awesome makeup? Whatever looks naturally…hides any blemishes and lasts all day…see, I’m so easy to please.

    So I decided to share my ‘Go To’ beauty products that have survived the test of time and have been kept in my makeup rotation despite me constantly trying something different. One of my favorite products that I have grown to love is my CK One Color Pressed Powder sold exclusively at Ulta. Like I mentioned in previous posts (Ulta Holiday Fragrance Guide & Ulta One Stop Beauty Shop) Ulta is one of my favorite places to shop for everything from foundation to hair products to body lotion to anything in between. Why? Because they will literally take ANYTHING back! That means I can buy 20 different shades of foundation, bronzer and eye shadow and give back whatever doesn’t work for me, no problem…now that’s customer service!

    Anyways, back to my beauty haul…So I’m in love with the whole CK One Color line of cosmetics. They are from Calvin Klein and the line is relatively new but according to the gals in Ulta and reviews on line it is a huge hit and I know why. Using the pressed powder foundation cuts down my morning routine and covers up any problem areas leaving you with flawless, smooth looking skin. In addition, it lasts a while…my first one lasted me months.

    You know you love a product when it all of a sudden becomes ‘unavailable’ and then you start to panic…yup, that was me for the past 2 months while Calvin Klein was repacking and redesigning the product. The women in Ulta had me try numerous brands and products, but nothing quite worked for me like this product did….So boy was I relieved when they finally had it in stock last week! (I was so overjoyed I texted my boyfriend saying it was the best day ever..he knew my struggle with makeup although he insists I should where none…that’s men for ya lol ;))

    In addition for having a love affair with the CK One Pressed Powder, I have a deep fondness for the CK One Color Brow Pencil Duo. Sometimes when you use a powder foundation your eyebrows blend in due to powder getting on them as you apply the makeup. This eyebrow duo solves that problem by having a mechanical pencil that helps darken the brows (it comes in 3 shades to match your hair color) and the other side has a gel that goes over them to refine the look. Do this once in the morning and your set for the day.

    Naturally your look isn’t finished without the perfect eyelashes and lips and guess what CK One Color has one of the best nude lipsticks named ‘Naked‘ and a great mascara. Use all these products and you look instantly refreshed while still looking natural as though your not wearing any makeup!

    Best part? They all come at a price that won’t break your wallet and if you don’t like them, no hassle returns at Ulta! What do you have to loose?!

    Shop These Products Below:

    Mascara: $18

    Lipstick: $16

    Eyebrow Duo: $22

    Pressed Powder Foundation: $26

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    Bright & Sunny

    For once, the weather in NYC is actually bearable! There’s not a frigid breeze or snow just yet (naturally it’s coming during my after work commute), and that means, maybe, just maybe I can step out of the house without layers of wool, sweaters, leggings and vests. This easy, breezy look isn’t what I’m rocking to work today (a little to casual for a Monday in my opinion lol), but this outfit is a perfect weekend go to and can transition from season to season.

    Yes, usually one wears yellow in the spring or summer but hey why not brighten up your wardrobe year round with a Pop Of Color? In my mind, color is always in style! I love this look because it is cool and casual. A simple white blouse, quilted Old Navy vest, Payless booties, a Coach cross-body bag, my favorite yellow Hue jeggings and a simple pair of shades from Urban Outfitters, what better outfit is there to tackle weekend adventures or errands?!

    Shop My Look Below:

    Top: Old Navy (Here)

    Vest: Old Navy (Here)

    Jeggings: Hue (Here)

    Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Here)

    Shoes: Payless

    -Similar available by Gliks (Here)

    Bag: Coach (Here)
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    The Future Is Bright

    Mellow Yellow

    A Splash Of Color

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    My Simply Stylist Takeaway!

    Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Simply Stylist conference in NYC!

    May I just say it’s amazing how many fashion and beauty bloggers are out there, and having them all in one place is a stylish overload!

    The conference consisted of keynote speakers like ‘The Hills’ star turned entrepreneur, Lo Bosworth, Catt Sadler of E!, America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel and more.

    Each person gave their ‘key’ tips on how to make it in beauty and fashion, how to turn your blog into a business and basically how to get what you want out of life.

    It was inspiring to hear about the humble begins of Catt Sadler who grew up in the Midwest dreaming of being on tv and living in the big city. It made all of us who attended feel anything is possible if you just ‘Dive In’ as Jay Manuel would say and go for it!

    While there was tons of great advice and insight to go around, a few key points stood out to me which I am thrilled to pass along to you:

    1) It’s All About Connections & Networking:
    Don’t be shy ladies and gents. If you want to work for a particular company one day or just get your foot in the door to the industry, surround yourself with people that can help you get there. Attend events, parties, conferences, tweet, Instagram, Facebook; make everyone know who you are, being shy won’t get you anywhere, but being a little social butterfly will.

    2) Be Direct:
    You want that amazing internship or job that you know half the world is applying for, so what are you to do? Easy, come up with a business proposal for yourself, treat the application, resume and cover letter like its a business. Go out of your way to take a major interest in the company; follow it on all social platforms, e-mail the key people or departments your interested in (not just HR), explain why your amazing and how hard your willing to work. Sell yourself, why should they want you?

    3) Be Kind:
    While being a bitch can get you what you want faster, I’m a true believer in the fact that I’d rather be loved than feared. Being nice to people, makes you a better person, makes others appreciate your presence and in most cases will lead to positive things. Sure there is always a time to stand firm and speak up for what you want or believe in, but if you do it all the time no one will take it seriously, however if you do it once in a while people are more likely to truly be interested in what you have to say.

    These 3 principles not only helped the panelists at the conference get to where they are today, but me as well.

    Fashionistas take note: follow these principles and your likely to succeed in anything you wish to accomplish!

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