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    Getting Ready For What’s Ahead With Credit Repair!

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    Thank you for sponsoring this post.’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it’s a lifestyle.

    Preparation is KEY!

    I’m super excited to share one of my best-kept secrets when it comes to preparing ahead for the future…! My fiance and I are recently engaged so that means we have a lot of big life milestones coming up: Planning our wedding, Buying a home AND Preparing to start a family! What does this mean? (Other than wow time flies by hehe) It means it’s time to get our credit in check and make sure we have amazing credit scores to make all these major life moments go off without a hitch!

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    I take really great pride in being financially responsible and savvy. Before meeting my fiance I was always shopping, never saving, and didn’t even think of investing in the future with stocks or retirement etc. Fast forward to now, I save a lot, I always keep in mind what I am spending vs monthly bills and things I owe, and most importantly, I think about what lies ahead.

    Since we have so many big purchases coming up I was excited to sign up for and to work with their team to make sure my credit is squeaky clean to make those purchases and get the best mortgage and credit rates as possible. If you haven’t heard of, they are a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States, with over 500,000 clients served!

    I always pay my bills on time and work hard to keep my credit score high so that is why I was pretty surprised when I began working with my Credit Repair team that they noticed a few hits on my credit that we then came up with a plan to resolve as best as we can. They discovered a collections hit from a medical bill a few years ago that was paid in full but was still a hit on my credit somehow. Naturally, I was freaking out but my advisor was amazing and helped me come up with a solution. They reached out to the collections company on my behalf to work to remove the credit hit.

    It’s things like that that I never even thought of when planning for my future especially since I check my credit score often and it goes up consistently. This hidden hit is something I never would have been aware of without the amazing help of!

    Whether you are financially savvy and want to remain on top of your game or if you are struggling to get debt-free and have a successful financial future, has awesome resources and a responsive team here to support you on your credit journey! Follow along with my credit journey over the next few months, and stay tuned for an opportunity to start your very own credit journey!

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    Disney Activities to Enjoy at Home…

    Mickey Mouse Balloon Ears || One Day at Disney Book

    ⭐️ DISNEY Magic at Home ⭐️

    Whether you are bored in the house, still stuck in quarantine or just looking for some fun ways to enjoy Disney at home while the parks are closed, one thing is for certain, having a little Disney makes things feel a whole lot better. I’ve been so bummed the last few months wanting for life to go back to normal and what has been keeping my spirits up is DISNEY! (shocker I know hehe :p)

    That’s why I’m rounding up my favorite Disney books, games, puzzles, shows + more so you can all keep occupied while staying home safely!





    DISNEY Prop Culture

    DISNEY Gallery: STAR WARS: The Mandalorian

    DISNEY Be Our Chef

    The Mandalorian

    DISNEY Fairytale Weddings

    The Imagineering Story

    DISNEY Insider

    One Day at DISNEY Shorts


    PIXAR In Real Life

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    35 Ways To Keep Occupied During Quarantine…


    Things have been tough with everything going on. From being stuck at home to stress financially and health wise, now is the time to try and relax, reset + keep your mind busy during quarantine. That’s why I wanted to share some helpful activities to keep your mind off what’s happening in the world while being home! Hope some of these help you, your family + friends ♥

     1. DONATE

    Now is a great time to donate to those in need whether it is medical supplies, cleaning supplies or even food or clothes, there are so many charities accepting donations right now so you can feel like you are making a positive impact during this trying time. I did some spring cleaning and made donation bags of clothes and then cleaned out my pantry to donate to a local food bank! Plus organizing and decluttering will help you feel organized and efficient.

     2. PLAY A GAME

    My fiance and I have been playing tons of fun board games lately and even games on XBox + Wii to pass the time. To connect with his mom who lives far away we joined Words With Friends so you can keep in touch with those you love while social distancing!


    Tons of Universities are offering free continuing education classes online or join Skill Share and take a class to learn a new skill to help you in your career! I am take a Skill Share class on web development!


    I’ve never been a big podcast person but recently I discovered so many like Up and Vanished which is all about murder mysteries (perfect for Dateline or 48 Hours lovers), Gary Vee’s Podcast (great for marketers) + The Science Of Success (great for those who need a little motivation to reach your goals).


    There’s tons of great at home workouts you can do on Youtube! I even found some quick, easy workouts on TikTok! Stock up on at home free weights or resistance bands and you are ready to go.

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    My fiance and I have been going for daily walks around our neighborhood to get some sun, fresh air + leave the house for a little. We keep our distance and wear our masks and feel so great after a nice long walk to feel the spring weather!


    There are so many great CEOs that praise meditation as key component to their daily success so I began trying it and I’m hooked! Download an app like CALM + experience what meditation can do for you (especially during such an uncertain time it helps settle your mind).


    Now is a great time to get in the kitchen and cook something new or bake! We’ve been grilling, baking, trying new appliances, recipes and so much more! Find inspo on Pinterest, Youtube + more! One of my favorites is making Mickey shaped waffles or pancakes.


    I love letting out my inner child with a fun coloring book or painting project! Stock up on coloring books or make a new craft to pass the time.


    I’ve been taking advantage of this time at home to clear out my closet, organize my kitchen and make my space feel clean + new! Order some storage supplies and get organized! 


    I’m not a big coffee drinker but I’ve been seeing this all over TikTok and had to try it – honestly pretty fun and satisfying to make. Tons of recipes out there giving step by step instructions so why not go for it.


    A big trend this season is tie dye so why not tie dye at home yourself! Whether it be a plain white tee or sweats, save some money + have a little fun by tie dying at home (plenty of tutorials on TikTok!)


    Probably should have started with this since a few of my recommendations mention TikTok BUT you’ve gotta download it! Even if you don’t want to post, I find it as a great resource for tutorials, workouts, cooking + more (besides dancing Renegade haha :p) Follow me on it – MISSYONMADISON


    Whether you are a Hulu, Netflix or Disney+ Fan there are tons of great shows to watch right now. Personally we binged Tiger King and are working on Ozark!


    A lot of movies that were coming to theaters (like Trolls) are now straight to download or streaming. Binge some good movies, old time favorites or some new flicks you’ve been wanting to see. We’ve also been binging some great docuseries on History Channel to get our learning on.


    If you are into the TikTok dance trend, now is a great time to learn some moves + test it out at home…plus it’s a great workout!


    As we focus on washing our hands one thing we always forget is to clean our makeup brushes! ANISA Beauty has a whole Purify line dedicated to brush cleaning, the products are great plus the process is something I find soothing.


    Now is a great time to play around with your hair + makeup so why not test out some new hairstyles or hair tools because there is no rush to get ready in the AM. Here are some tools I am loving:


    I don’t know about you but I’ve been loving trying to do a winged eyeliner or play with fun eyeshadow colors or bronze etc…If I have nowhere to be there is no pressure on how it turns out…just have fun with it!


    Embrace a little self care at home with a great skincare routine testing out some new face masks, body treatments and more! Rounded up my Spring 2020 favorites HERE.


    I am sure I’m not the only one struggling or in desperate need of a manicure…now is your time to shine, learn a new skill + try to do your nails at home! Here’s some favorites to get you going:

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    22. GET A TAN

    The SAFE way hehe :p I always feel better when I tan so now is a good time to apply your at home self tanners to feel like you just got sun kissed because honestly…why not?!

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    23. DO A PUZZLE

    I’ve been loving jigsaw puzzles lately, especially Disney ones of course! It’s a fun way to pass time and pretty relaxing honestly. 


    A lot of retailers are doing some great online sales to push inventory so be on the lookout for great deals from your favorite retailers like Sephora, Nordstrom, REVOLVE + more to shop picks you’ve been eyeing up for a discount.


    Now is an awesome time to be creative and shoot some fun content. Take creative pics of something you just baked, or a great makeup look you did or a fun cozy outfit PLUS you can learn some editing skills in Photoshop or Lightroom for a little added fun!

    26. ZOOM DATES

    Make time to have ZOOM friend dates or ZOOM parties with coworkers, family + more – there’s even a way to stream Netflix and ZOOM at the same time so you can watch content and give reactions in the real time!


    Tons of celebs are going on IG LIVE or TikTok LIVE or ZOOM to interact with fans, read stories, do at home concerts + more. Look up your fav celebs and see if there’s anything fun they are up to you can take part in.


    If you were ever contemplating starting a blog, Youtube or podcast, now is the time to do it! Journal your goals, niche audience and what you are passionate about and get started! You have optimal time to create content in bulk so it can sustain when you are back to the daily grind!


    Jot down what you want to do after quarantine whether it is travel, activities or more…it gives you something to look forward to + plan for to keep your spirits up!


    This should go without saying but especially if you live far from friends or family have daily texts, calls etc. Some people feel really lovely + depressed during this time so be sure to check in on everyone you love to remind them you are there for them.


    Whether it’s a crafting scrapbook or a virtual one, why not live vicariously through vacations or experiences past + make a creative way to relive or remember those moments. We are making one of our engagement + proposal!


    My gallery wall in my office is one of my favorite parts of my home and now is a great time to search online for great artwork, pick photos you may want framed + design your dream gallery! I used Framebridge + absolutely love it!

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    Now is a great time to curl up on the couch with a good book (or many books hehe) Whether it’s a mystery or history or a book that teaches you something, use this time to enrich your mind!


    With everything going on in the world it’s hard to not feel sad or bummed but why not spin that outlook + instead write out some things you are thankful and grateful for…it will be such a great mood booster, guaranteed to make you smile.


    We will all get through this so just remember to stay strong, stay busy + take a deep breath!

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    Birthday Wishes…

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    Pink Tulle Skirt || Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || White Bodysuit || Gucci Belt


    I am 28 years old today or as I like to say 28 years young hehe :p Crazy to think how quickly time passes by as you get older…feels just like yesterday I was in college in NYC and now I’ve been in LA for over 5 years, met my partner in crime and have been building a beautiful life ever since. 

    Most people as they get older dread birthdays as a constant reminder of aging but me, I look at it as an opportunity to reflect on how far I came over the years. That’s why I am sharing 28 things I have learned over my 28 years with ya’ll!

     1. Always Believe in Yourself

    Even when the going gets tough

      2. Don’t take NO for an answer

    Anyone who tells you you can’t do something should be your driving force to prove otherwise

     3. Embrace Change

    Typically change can lead to something amazing or even unexpected

     4. Never Settle

    Always push yourself to be the best you can be + that pertains to career, relationships, friendships + so much more

     5. SMILE

    When you put on a smile the world smiles back – I truly believe this

     6. Save for your Future

    While I love to buy nice things, saving for your future is key + you should start as young as you can – it’ll help you in the long run

     7. Try New Things

    While I am a creature of habit, every time I travel to a new city or try a new dish it gives me a sense of adventure!

     8. Love the Skin you are In

    Embrace who you are + feel confident in how you look…the world will respect you for respecting + loving yourself

     9. Always Continue to Learn

    Whether it be an online class or a seminar,  push yourself to continue to learn in whatever sector you are in, it helps better yourself in business + in the future

     10. You can never go wrong with a LBD

    When in doubt a little black dress is sure to impress

     11. Invest in Quality over Quantity

    This rings true when it comes to clothes, friends + so much more hehe :p, a few quality friends or pieces is worth more than a ton of icky ones

     12. Be Patient

    It’s hard sometimes to be patient but anything worth having takes time + life has a plan for ya so don’t rush it

     13. Never Grow Up

    Some may say I am a child for loving Disney and stuffed animals but never loose your child like wonder if you ask me

     14. Always Believe

    Even when times are tough + you feel helpless, believe in yourself + what you are looking to achieve + you’ll achieve your end result

     15. Work Hard

    nothing in life comes easy, if you want something work for it + work hard

     16. Travel More

    I have learned so much + experienced different cultures from exploring + traveling something I am lucky enough to do as I get older

     17. Be Open

     Over the years I have occasionally been closed off but I realized the more open you are to new people, experiences + ideas you will be able expand your horizons

     18. Get Rid Of The Toxicity

    Whether it be toxic friends, a toxic work place or a toxic relationship, know in your heart what is best for you + aim to eliminate any negativity

     19. If the Shoe Fits buy it in EVERY Color

    True believer in this, the second I get a pair of shoes that are comfortable I buy them in every color, stylish AND comfortable shoes are hard to come by!

     20. Be Confident

    Confidence is truly the best accessory you can have, if you are confident in yourself, everything else tends to fall into place.

     21. Star Wars is Pretty Awesome

     I was never big into Star Wars before I met my boo but this year a lot of big Star Wars milestones happened from the release of Rise of Skywalker to Galaxay’s Edge + so much more…now I am a Star Wars fan for life.

    22. Distance Can Be Good

     This year my relationship with some of my family members drifted apart, while some see it as a sad thing I see it as something that needed to happen in order to grow, learn + be independent. A co-dependent relationship is never healthy, even with family members.

    23. If Something Is Meant To Be, It Will Be

     I am such a firm believer in this, I wanted to run my own agency and build clientele for years but never knew if I could build the dream team to make this possible and secure clients I felt passionate about working with…but with some faith and hardships it finally happened!

     24. Your Biggest Supporters Come From The Strangest Places

     This year I made so many amazing friends on Instagram of all places, something I’ve continued to do since moving to LA but now I am expanding my horizons and becoming close with creatives all over – it’s so great to meet other like minded people that want to help you grow as much as you want to help + support them!

     25. Expect The Unexpected

    One of my biggest surprises this year was being asked to join the REVOLVE ambassador program – I was beyond stunned because although I am confident in myself, I was confident enough to know I wasn’t the usual ‘Look’ they go for so I never pursued them but it was an awesome feeling when they randomly approached me + they have been one of the most amazing partners I get to work with!

     26. There’s Always Room For Improvement

    I used to be horrible at taking constructive criticism or feedback but over the years I learned how to accept it + use it to make me a better person. Whether it be how to do a better job when it comes to work, how to be a better partner in my relationship etc, feedback helps you grow + learn – perfection doesn’t exist

     27. Being Emotional In Business is a No No

    When I was younger I was constantly emotional either angry, sad, frustrated etc at work or when trying to navigate certain tough situations…after years of seeing emotions don’t help solve a problem I am happy to report when you take emotions out of business things go a lot smoother!

     28. Be A Source Of Good

     This year I want to focus on giving back more to my community, those in need + those I can help through my experiences in life. I love speaking at conferences to aspiring influencers or marketers, I love giving back to charities + causes close to me + I love waking up each day knowing I can make a difference in peoples lives.

    Are you someone that looks forward to your birthday or someone that dreads it?


    Pink Tulle Skirt || Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || White Bodysuit || Gucci Belt

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    Preparing For The Future With…

    missyonmadison, missyonmadison blog, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, creditrepair, financial planning, financial plan, financial planning for the future, future planning, fixing your credit, fix your credit, how to plan for your financial future, how to fix your credit,

    Thank you for sponsoring this post.’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it’s a lifestyle.

    P L A N N I N G is K E Y

    When it comes to getting ready for the future + what life has in store, planning is essential!

    Whether it’s saving up for a house, paying off student loans, budgeting to start a family, prepping to purchase a new car…honestly the list goes on + on, one thing is imperative and that is being smart by planning ahead for what’s to come. That’s why I am so excited for today’s blog post which highlights how is a leading provider of credit report repair services in the US! They have an amazing team of credit professionals who educate and empower individuals to achieve the credit scores they deserve, now that is something that excites me more than ever! That means no more worrying about how you’ll achieve a good enough credit score to get a home mortgage or car lease etc, is here to help!

    missyonmadison, missyonmadison blog, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, creditrepair, financial planning, financial plan, financial planning for the future, future planning, fixing your credit, fix your credit, how to plan for your financial future, how to fix your credit,

    Before we jump in to how amazing is as a resource to help get you on track for your financial future, I wanted to get a little personal and share my financial journey throughout the years since hey we ALL make mistakes or have things happen in life that can seem like a huge obstacle to overcome but really it’s a stepping stone to something bright ahead!

    While I was fortunate enough to not have student loans (I went to a city school + back when I went it was relatively affordable), I did tend to incur credit card debt from trying to live beyond my means which took me a little over a year to clear up.

    missyonmadison, missyonmadison blog, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, creditrepair, financial planning, financial plan, financial planning for the future, future planning, fixing your credit, fix your credit, how to plan for your financial future, how to fix your credit,

    Thanks to budgeting + setting small goals week by week for myself, I was able to slowly start my financial path to success (and a better credit score). While I was doing it alone then, I am really grateful for because they show you how your credit score is not written in stone, and you are more than a credit score. But your credit won’t fix itself. You can get the help you need from today with a free consultation and kickstart your credit repair efforts. It feels good to have a team on your side to help you achieve your goals (and assist you with fixing any issues you may be encountering as well when it comes to your financial planning).

    My financial goals are to prep for buying a house in the next year or so, getting a new car (my lease is up in 6 months) + continuing to invest in stocks, mutual funds + high return savings accounts. If you told me a few years ago this is the kind of stuff I’d be wanting to invest my money in, I’d say you are crazy BUT as you get older you realize the importance of being financially savvy + smart which doesn’t always come easy.

    missyonmadison, missyonmadison blog, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, creditrepair, financial planning, financial plan, financial planning for the future, future planning, fixing your credit, fix your credit, how to plan for your financial future, how to fix your credit,

    When I was younger I didn’t realize how important your credit score was to your overall financial future + reaching your goals and aspirations. Better credit could save you thousands of dollars in high interest rates (which none of us want when already going to make a big milestone purchase like a house or car etc). Past clients of have seen an average score increase of 40 points in just four months (* Not all clients saw such a result as all legal cases are different. You should not expect to see the same result and it is not guaranteed.)

    What I love about is how accessible, understanding + helpful they are (sometimes talking to someone in the financial world can be an intimidating experience but that isn’t the case with’s technology provides members with a personal online dashboard, a credit score tracker and analysis, creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring (this is super helpful to detect fraud or anything suspicious popping up as well, I constantly check mine to assure everything is in order).

    missyonmadison, missyonmadison blog, missyonmadison instagram, la blogger, creditrepair, financial planning, financial plan, financial planning for the future, future planning, fixing your credit, fix your credit, how to plan for your financial future, how to fix your credit, are trusted leaders in credit repair with over 500,000 clients served. What is bad credit costing you? Know your credit. Repair your reports. Live your life.

    Ready to have a free consultation with Click HERE to learn how can help you on your path to financial success!

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