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    Flirty In Floral…

    floraltop abercrombie pinkblouse neonhandbag cambridgesatchel missyonmadison neoncambridgesatchel longisland photography fashion style blog blogger springstyle springfashion nudeheels Happy Tuesday Fashion Lovers! I loved this shot for ‘Flirty In Floral’ that my sister took a few weeks ago on Long Island. As you may know, I work in Manhattan but live on Long Island so sometimes my favorite photos come from great Long Island hot spots, this being one of them. My sister and I headed to Babylon Village on Easter…to her dismay the park was packed and she was trying to shoot as quick as possible (she gets camera shy ;)…but not being in front of the camera, behind haha)

    I love this look because it is the ultimate spring ensemble. Nude heels, a floral top and a chic neon bag…what more can a gal ask for? <3 Read more

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    Skinny Thanksgiving Tips


    Thanksgiving always calls for over eating, but this year it doesn’t have to! With America becoming more health conscious than ever, here are a few easy tips to help us not go ‘over board’ this Thanksgiving season!

    Some of these helpful hints may seem like common sense, but just by doing them you save  yourself that bloated feeling and the calories.

    1) Portion Control:

    Yes, dietitians say this all the time, watch what your eating, take less blah blah blah. Now my version of portion control? People often overload their Thanksgiving plates with everything on the table. First off, take a smaller plate or don’t ‘FILL’ your plate. Take a small amount of food to begin, you’ll be surprised how many people have eyes bigger than their stomachs!

    2) Drink Water:

    Holidays are often a time for drinking and being merry, however if you drink a few glasses of water before heading to the party or dinner, your more likely to eat less due to you feeling full on water. Also, if you can, why not pass on the alcohol and have water with dinner? Crazy I know, but with a heavy meal, alcohol usually leads to indigestion and an even more bloated feeling…go for the water!

    3) Decisions, Decisions:

    Seeing a table full of food can be overwhelming. You want to try everything plus have your favorite classics, but sometimes you need to make a decision and sacrifice. Are you going to want dessert? Then time to forgo an extra calorie filled side at dinner. It’s all about deciding what you really want and eating a normal amount of each thing.

    What are your tricks for staying skinny this Thanksgiving?

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