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    N e w Y e a r’ s Resolution — Get Organized…

    1. Vera Bradley 2016 Agenda : 2. Vera Bradley Gel Pens : 3. Sonix ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ iPhone Case

     One of my favorite ways to start off the New Year? A little R E F R E S H! Whether it’s adding a little flare to your phone (I am addicted to switching up my phone cases + accessories) or getting some new decor for your office or home, freshening things up for the New Year is a great way to get productive and motivated!

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    Weekend Word Play…

    wordsofwisdom laugh dreambig nordstrom target marshalls tjmaxx quotes sayings art decor missyonmadison blog blogger Finally time for some weekend rest and relaxation…or if you are me that means a busy weekend filled with outfit shoots and brainstorming blog ideas…creativity never sleeps 😉 That is just one of my favorite little ‘sayings’ or mantras which coincidentally relates to today’s post…Weekend Word Play!

    In my opinion, a home or office tells a lot about a person. Their hopes, dreams, goals and more, so the way you dress it, similarly to how one dresses themselves, is a way of speaking without saying a single word…

    I recently purchased a few ‘Words To Live By’ pieces from Target, Nordstrom & Kohls and got inspired to share some great picks with you! Let your creativity flow and fill your happy place with some wise sayings 🙂

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