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    A Final Farewell to 2013…

    This year has been quite the journey for me. Not to sound corny or young or naive but I’d have to say this year has truly been one I will never forget and has transformed me completely!

    In the year 2013, I graduated Hunter College with a Bachelors Degree in Media Communications. I found my career path by starting my own social media consultation business, ‘MRT Media Management’…the fact that in the year 2013 you can get paid for running a company’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account is pretty amazing…not gunna lie. I landed a great full time career at FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association Of NY) straight out of college…literally a week after I graduated..not a minute to waste. And last but not least, I launched my lovely blog ‘Missy On Madison‘ and met an amazing guy I’m happy to call my boyfriend, Chezi!

    In this year alone I went from being a college student whose schedule consisted of working 3 part time jobs and interning for amazing companies all while taking full time college classes…talk about a crazy 4 years! I’m definitely grateful for my college years don’t get me wrong. College gave me the opportunity to intern for WWD…amazing and for Howard Stern…even more amazing. I’ve had experiences most girls my age can only dream of (I have family and friends calling me modern day Carrie Bradshaw…I can only wish) and I’d have to say I truly am blessed…proving that a little hard work, some motivation and of course a ton of passion, leads to success…I’m living proof! I am truly grateful for all that the year 2013 has brought me and as this year comes to a close, I can only hope that the year 2014 will bring you and myself continued health, love, success and of course…the key ingredient to happiness in life…passion!

    See what outfit and dazzling shoes I’m rocking this New Year’s Eve (Hint…it involves a little white with a dash of sparkle!)

    Check out some of my favorite moments from the year 2013: My 2013 Moments <3


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    Blogging World, Fashion Love, Fashion Scene, LifeStyle, Looks For Less, Sale Time, Shop Till Ya Drop, Stylish Trends

    Winter Weather


    It’s a snow filled day in NYC today and while I try and always look stylish and never want to have just a ‘comfort’ look, this weather called for some drastic measures…Uggs.

    Now I have owned Uggs since I was in the 7th grade, and in middle school and high school on Long Island, they were a ‘must have’, but have ‘Uggs’ become just plain ugly? Is wearing them a sign of defeat…like you just don’t care about looking cute? I love to be stylish, don’t get me wrong, but when it snowing and freezing….isn’t the most rational thing to do to wear Uggs?

    This then leads me to my next question…Can Uggs be cute and stylish? And I’m talking the classic Uggs ladies, not all the new heeled styles they have recently come out with. Think about it, can a pair of Uggs really make or break an outfit? I guess that’s for you to decide!

    See how I styled Uggs for my Cozy Thanksgiving look: here


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    WorkOut Wednesday – ‘Planking’

    Happy WorkOut Wednesday Everyone!

    Remember when ‘Planking’ was the ‘in’ thing all the cool kids were doing? Snapping pics of themselves ‘planking’ in odd locations and sharing it with their friends…well news flash, ‘Planking’ is still in, however not in the way it was made famous for!

    This WorkOut Wednesday is all about the power of the ‘plank’ position. Holding the plank position for 30-60 seconds in between spurts of cardio or after a run helps tighten your core, stabilize your muscles and of course help feel the burn in those abs!

    Want to do a spicier version of the traditional plank? To tackle your obliques, do a side plank like pictured below. If you can raise your arm up with weights even better, if not, stick to the basic!

    Side Plank

    Side Plank

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