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    Lemon Lime


    I’m embracing color in preparation for my trip to California for Lucky Fabb West 2014! This, I believe will be one of the many…and I mean many looks I will be packing for my 4 day trip! I’m already prepping myself for my luggage being overweight at the airport but I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can never be too prepared for what’s to come. I have quite the itinerary planned for my Cali trip, and the right outfit is always essential!

    While it’s rainy and dreary in the big apple today, this look can brighten up any day. I’m probably one of the few gals who dares to wear a lime green moto jacket but let me tell ya…it’s head turning 😉 What girl doesn’t like to make a statement! In addition, spicing the look up with white jeans and mirrored sunnies is suiting for a walk down Rodeo Drive don’t ya think?

    I got this Karen Kane jacket gifted to me and I love it. It’s unique, different and neon…all of my favorite things wrapped into one stylish look! When I slip it on I feel kind of bad ass…all I’m missing is my bike 😉 Maybe one day right? Anyways, in addition to neon, a fashion item I will always be a fan of is a crisp pair of white jeans. Once you find the right pair that flatters your figure, they are sexy with just about everything and yes, I break fashion rules by wearing white jeans year round…oops!

    Fashion is all about breaking the rules and finding your own personal style. You know what flatters your body, you know what works and what doesn’t. I believe that following the trend isn’t always ideal because not every trend works for every girl. I will always love neon while other gals may hate it. I will never rock a crop top because hey I am not a twig, and flared jeans simply don’t look as fabulous on me as they do on Rachel Zoe. Pick and choose wisely…every trend is open to interpretation 🙂

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    Shop My Look Below:

    Jacket: Karen Kane {Similar Available from Ted Baker :Here} | Jeans: Old Navy {Here} | Top: Target {Here} | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters {Here} | Shoes: Nine West {Similar Available from Chinese Laundry: Here} | Bag: Louis Vuitton {Here}

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    Blogging World, Fashion Love, Fashion Scene, LifeStyle, Looks For Less, Sale Time, Shop Till Ya Drop, Stylish Trends

    The Future Is Bright!

    The Future Is Bright!
    There’s no better way to add an ounce of cool to your outfit than with a killer pair of shades. Now, I’m not saying to be one of those ‘douche bags’ that wears sunglasses in doors at 11 o’clock at night, but when your running around NYC amongst all the hustle and bustle, add some nice sunnies and you instantly look chic, just ask Rachel Zoe (I Die!).
    What I love about this array of sunnies above is that they all are following that popular ‘two tone’ lens trend that has been sweeping the fashion world by storm. Rather than rocking traditional sometimes simple sunnies, these glasses have funky lenses that add a little extra oomph to an easy accessory.
    These pairs range from $14 all the way up to $400, so whatever your heart is set on, there is a pair in your price range, to allow you to make this trend truly your own! For a bright future, you may needs some shades 😉
    Check out some of my favorite sunglasses below & Shop the sunnies you see pictured above:

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    Blogging World, Fashion Love, Fashion Scene, LifeStyle, Looks For Less, Sale Time, Shop Till Ya Drop, Stylish Trends

    Tap For Details…

    Join me on the Famest app --> @MissyOnMadison

    Join me on the Famest app –> @MissyOnMadison

    (Tap For Details) is a phrase I pretty much use on my Instagram everyday along with every other blogger out there, however with the rising trend of snapping and posting fashion pics comes specially developed apps used just for that purpose! Meaning…tapping is pretty much self explanatory and just for fashionistas like yourself!

    Here’s my quandary…Which app is the fashion app for you? All of these fashion apps have the same concept: 1) Upload a pic of your style, a clothing item, someone else’s style or pretty much anything you want fashion related…2) Tag the items in that post using brand names, categories, colors etc….3) Share your post with the world via social media. Sounds pretty similar to Instagram right?

    So what is the purpose of all these fashion apps? Easy, have accessible style to all with just the tap of your finger. These apps are speciality formatted to allow users to search by trends, categories, seasons…whatever fashion your looking for, these apps will help you find it.

    Now which app is for you…do you sign up for all of them? 4 of them? 2? Maybe just one? This is my issue…currently I’m on Famest (as pictured above), Pose & Trendabl…I believe at some point I was on Snapette & Style Tag as well but after a while it gets hard to maintain all of them…plus Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the blog itself! Turns into a full time job just to share your personal style!

    So here’s the skinny on what makes each app different (Your Welcome 😉 )

    FamestNow this app is a little over a year old, originated in Belgium and in my opinion is revolutionary. Basically, after posting your style, every time that image gets ‘Likes’ from other users, you earn points…these points can be used towards rewards from your favorite brands and designers, like being able to enter giveaways & contests exclusively on Famest or by receiving coupons, discounts or special offers on your favorite products..simply for having killer style! Umm kinda amazing! (Available online & as an app)

    Snapette: This app is designed not to necessarily focus on what your wearing but rather to share those moments when you step into a store, see that dreamy handbag that you simply have to have and while it may take you 3 months to afford it, you ‘snap’ a pic of it…upload it to Snapette and continue to lust after it along with all your fellow fashionistas on the app. Basically it’s a great way to share individual items rather than overall looks. (Available online & as an app)

    Trendabl: With celebs like Nicky Hilton and Michael Kors standing behind this app, you know it’s a hit. Trendabl is a platform that allows designers, brands, stores, bloggers and just about anyone to share their personal style pics..include tags for what they are wearing and store their favorite looks in ‘draws’ for later outfit inspiration! (Available on the app store only)

    Pose: Similar to Trendabl, users on Pose can upload their personal style shots, tag items and share it with friends. Pose has been endorsed by style icon Rachel Zoe and what I personally love about Pose is the fact that you can use it on the computer or on your phone! They also have a great tech support team that answeres any user questions right away…that’s always a great thing! (Available online & as an app)

    Style Tag: Style Tag is also similar to Pose and Trendabl, however what makes it different is once you post and tag your style shots, the app can help users find items similar to what your wearing because come on…half the pieces I wear were on clearance 5 months ago and simply may not be able to be found anymore, however there’s tons of pieces out there with a similar style and taste just waiting to be bought! (Available online & as an app)

    Hope This Helps With Your Style App Decisions! Follow me on the apps below: @MissyOnMadison (Keep things simple…have one username for all your platforms…social media marketing 101 🙂 )




    Fashion Apps Round-Up: Snapette, Famest, Pose, Style Tag, Trendabl

    Fashion Apps Round-Up:
    Snapette, Famest, Pose, Style Tag, Trendabl

    Tweet Me @MissyOnMadison & ‘Like‘ The Facebook Page!