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    Birthday Wishes…

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    Pink Tulle Skirt || Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || White Bodysuit || Gucci Belt


    I am 28 years old today or as I like to say 28 years young hehe :p Crazy to think how quickly time passes by as you get older…feels just like yesterday I was in college in NYC and now I’ve been in LA for over 5 years, met my partner in crime and have been building a beautiful life ever since. 

    Most people as they get older dread birthdays as a constant reminder of aging but me, I look at it as an opportunity to reflect on how far I came over the years. That’s why I am sharing 28 things I have learned over my 28 years with ya’ll!

     1. Always Believe in Yourself

    Even when the going gets tough

      2. Don’t take NO for an answer

    Anyone who tells you you can’t do something should be your driving force to prove otherwise

     3. Embrace Change

    Typically change can lead to something amazing or even unexpected

     4. Never Settle

    Always push yourself to be the best you can be + that pertains to career, relationships, friendships + so much more

     5. SMILE

    When you put on a smile the world smiles back – I truly believe this

     6. Save for your Future

    While I love to buy nice things, saving for your future is key + you should start as young as you can – it’ll help you in the long run

     7. Try New Things

    While I am a creature of habit, every time I travel to a new city or try a new dish it gives me a sense of adventure!

     8. Love the Skin you are In

    Embrace who you are + feel confident in how you look…the world will respect you for respecting + loving yourself

     9. Always Continue to Learn

    Whether it be an online class or a seminar,  push yourself to continue to learn in whatever sector you are in, it helps better yourself in business + in the future

     10. You can never go wrong with a LBD

    When in doubt a little black dress is sure to impress

     11. Invest in Quality over Quantity

    This rings true when it comes to clothes, friends + so much more hehe :p, a few quality friends or pieces is worth more than a ton of icky ones

     12. Be Patient

    It’s hard sometimes to be patient but anything worth having takes time + life has a plan for ya so don’t rush it

     13. Never Grow Up

    Some may say I am a child for loving Disney and stuffed animals but never loose your child like wonder if you ask me

     14. Always Believe

    Even when times are tough + you feel helpless, believe in yourself + what you are looking to achieve + you’ll achieve your end result

     15. Work Hard

    nothing in life comes easy, if you want something work for it + work hard

     16. Travel More

    I have learned so much + experienced different cultures from exploring + traveling something I am lucky enough to do as I get older

     17. Be Open

     Over the years I have occasionally been closed off but I realized the more open you are to new people, experiences + ideas you will be able expand your horizons

     18. Get Rid Of The Toxicity

    Whether it be toxic friends, a toxic work place or a toxic relationship, know in your heart what is best for you + aim to eliminate any negativity

     19. If the Shoe Fits buy it in EVERY Color

    True believer in this, the second I get a pair of shoes that are comfortable I buy them in every color, stylish AND comfortable shoes are hard to come by!

     20. Be Confident

    Confidence is truly the best accessory you can have, if you are confident in yourself, everything else tends to fall into place.

     21. Star Wars is Pretty Awesome

     I was never big into Star Wars before I met my boo but this year a lot of big Star Wars milestones happened from the release of Rise of Skywalker to Galaxay’s Edge + so much more…now I am a Star Wars fan for life.

    22. Distance Can Be Good

     This year my relationship with some of my family members drifted apart, while some see it as a sad thing I see it as something that needed to happen in order to grow, learn + be independent. A co-dependent relationship is never healthy, even with family members.

    23. If Something Is Meant To Be, It Will Be

     I am such a firm believer in this, I wanted to run my own agency and build clientele for years but never knew if I could build the dream team to make this possible and secure clients I felt passionate about working with…but with some faith and hardships it finally happened!

     24. Your Biggest Supporters Come From The Strangest Places

     This year I made so many amazing friends on Instagram of all places, something I’ve continued to do since moving to LA but now I am expanding my horizons and becoming close with creatives all over – it’s so great to meet other like minded people that want to help you grow as much as you want to help + support them!

     25. Expect The Unexpected

    One of my biggest surprises this year was being asked to join the REVOLVE ambassador program – I was beyond stunned because although I am confident in myself, I was confident enough to know I wasn’t the usual ‘Look’ they go for so I never pursued them but it was an awesome feeling when they randomly approached me + they have been one of the most amazing partners I get to work with!

     26. There’s Always Room For Improvement

    I used to be horrible at taking constructive criticism or feedback but over the years I learned how to accept it + use it to make me a better person. Whether it be how to do a better job when it comes to work, how to be a better partner in my relationship etc, feedback helps you grow + learn – perfection doesn’t exist

     27. Being Emotional In Business is a No No

    When I was younger I was constantly emotional either angry, sad, frustrated etc at work or when trying to navigate certain tough situations…after years of seeing emotions don’t help solve a problem I am happy to report when you take emotions out of business things go a lot smoother!

     28. Be A Source Of Good

     This year I want to focus on giving back more to my community, those in need + those I can help through my experiences in life. I love speaking at conferences to aspiring influencers or marketers, I love giving back to charities + causes close to me + I love waking up each day knowing I can make a difference in peoples lives.

    Are you someone that looks forward to your birthday or someone that dreads it?


    Pink Tulle Skirt || Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || White Bodysuit || Gucci Belt

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    Christmas, Holiday Dressing, Outfits, Special Occasion Dress Guide

    REVOLVE NYE Style…

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    House Of Harlow Off The Shoulder Dress || House Of Harlow Shoes || Gucci Belt || Tory Burch Mini Bag

    ✨ Ready to PARTY ✨

    Christmas is just 2 days away + that means NYE is around the corner! While we aren’t going out or partying hard, we are going to ring in the new year in style at home with family + friends which is excuse enough for me to dress up and stand out with a little sparkle + shine….so where is a gal to go to find the best pieces to show up to the NYE party in style? REVOLVE of course!

    I shot two different NYE looks both from REVOLVE

    First up is this chic House Of Harlow outfit! I am OBSESSED with this off the shoulder dress that is gold with silver star print. It is lightweight, flattering + is perfect for a night out. I paired it with a simple white Gucci belt – I highly recommend investing in some Gucci Belts as they really elevate any look – I got them in every color because I love them so much!

    These metallic gold shoes are also from House Of Harlow + I LOVE them! They are super comfortable and also come in different colors. I love these to style with jeans and a sweater well past NYE as well!

    I jumped on the ‘micro‘ bag trend (sorry not sorry) + while I saw tons of cute styles out there I fell in LOVE with this Tory Burch style because it reminded me of a mini Birkin Bag (forever dreaming of Hermes so this is my next best option till I score one!) It comes in a variety of colors so you can rock the micro trend with any look!

    Now for Look 2…

    Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || Lovers + Friends Wrap Dress || White Chanel Bag

    This silver metallic sparkle dress is from Lovers + Friends via REVOLVE. I love the wrap style and tie waist…it’s super flattering and comfortable + is so girly + fun for any NYE party. It’s great for a night out or even a night in for a party with friends + family.

    I styled this dress with a classic White Chanel Bag – perfect winter accessory + my new Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps. I have been eyeing up these Manolo pumps ever since I Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with them in the Sex and The City movie. They have been my dream shoe + when I was able to score them 25% off during Friends + Family at Neiman Marcus I almost died…my inner Carrie is coming to life!

    Are ya’ll ready to ring in the New Year in style?!

    2020 is going to be another stylish year ahead!

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    House Of Harlow Off The Shoulder Dress || House Of Harlow Shoes || Gucci Belt || Tory Burch Mini Bag

    Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps || Lovers + Friends Wrap Dress || White Chanel Bag

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