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    Weekend Word Play…

    wordsofwisdom laugh dreambig nordstrom target marshalls tjmaxx quotes sayings art decor missyonmadison blog blogger Finally time for some weekend rest and relaxation…or if you are me that means a busy weekend filled with outfit shoots and brainstorming blog ideas…creativity never sleeps 😉 That is just one of my favorite little ‘sayings’ or mantras which coincidentally relates to today’s post…Weekend Word Play!

    In my opinion, a home or office tells a lot about a person. Their hopes, dreams, goals and more, so the way you dress it, similarly to how one dresses themselves, is a way of speaking without saying a single word…

    I recently purchased a few ‘Words To Live By’ pieces from Target, Nordstrom & Kohls and got inspired to share some great picks with you! Let your creativity flow and fill your happy place with some wise sayings 🙂

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    Denim & Neon


    Spring in my book means short skits, denim jackets, casual looks and a little neon…and this #ootd is just that. It’s the perfect ‘Casual Friday’ ensemble that is chic, easy and stylish. It’s no surprise that spring and summer are my two favorite seasons, 1) because I have an unhealthy obsession with skirts and dresses and 2) because I LOVE sandals and wedges…sorry winter but boots have just never been my thing…I like to show off my cute pedicure year round 🙂

    When I put on this outfit, all I wanted to do was go for a casual stroll in the park and relax, I think I’m getting into the whole ‘laid back’ mood in preparation for my first ever trip to California next week for Lucky Fabb West! I am beyond excited to network and meet tons of fashion bloggers like myself on the West Coast while learning from the best of the best in the blogging and media industry…talk about a once in a lifetime experience!

    I’m flying out on Wednesday and I am actually staying in LA with another lovely fashion blogger and also my friend Kristi of ‘Currently Crushing‘! Talk about the perfect fashion trip! While she has coordinated my entire schedule (she is keeping me busy, that’s for sure lol!) I absolutely can’t wait to simply have some fun in the sun! One of my must have’s that’ll be in my suitcase is of course, my denim jacket.

    I’ve had this baby since freshman year of college and it has never let me down. Layer it over a sundress, cute tank or just about anything and it gives off that ‘chill’ vibe while still looking chic and well put together. Another essential I’ll be bringing to Cali is the perfect neon bag…nothing stands out on Rodeo Drive like a lime green purse right? 😉 I’m hoping to get spotted by TMZ, Harvey call me haha!

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    Jacket: Forever 21 {Similar Available from Target {Here} | Skirt: Urban Outfitters {Here} | Top: Asos {Here} | Bag: Cambridge Satchel {Here} | Shoes: MJM Designer Shoes {Similar Available from {Here}





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    Feeling Feisty


    Happy Monday Fashion Lovers! I feel like a brand new woman this morning because I officially have 20/20 vision! No more fumbling with contacts or getting dry eyes…this chick can see clearly now  and I’ve never been happier 🙂

    I love this look because why not start the week off with a bang! I love a cute faux fur vest and even more so, I love a little leopard…it’s sexy, fierce and fun…you can’t beat that combination! I scored this Karen Kane vest on clearance two years ago at Lord & Taylor and still wear it religiously from season to season…not only does it keep me warm, it’s as chic as can be.

    Another piece I loveeee about this look is this Michael Kors bag. As I was putting outfits together for future blog posts I found this gem in my closet and totally forgot purchasing it (#bloggerproblems). I bought this over the summer because it reminded me of the gorgeous Stella McCartney bag {Here} I wanted that I simply wasn’t ready to splurge on yet, and honestly this Michael Kors bag does just the trick and it is simply stunning for work or play!

    In addition to the perfect bag, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without these fabulous nude booties from Nine West. They are comfortable, stylish and make me feel even more feisty in this simple ensemble 😉

    I feel like I’m finally ready to take the world by storm, so excuse me while I prance around NYC with perfect vision 🙂

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    Shop My Look Below:

    Vest: Karen Kane {Similar Available from Here} | Jeans: Hollister {Here} | Bag: Michael Kors {Here} | Thermal Top: Old Navy {Here} | Shoes: Nine West {Similar Available from Chinese Laundry: Here} | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters {Here}

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    SuperBowl Sunday BBM Style!


    Happy SuperBowl Sunday everyone! Now while I am not the biggest sports fan except for the occasional Knicks game I end up watching because of my boyfriend, the SuperBowl is something I think every American watches because come on…do you want to be the only person at work the next day not knowing what funny commercials aired, what wardrobe malfunction happened during half time or how the lights went out in the entire stadium? I didn’t think so…So I will be tuning in for the sole reason of not being asked if I am living under a rock 😛

    As we all know the essential part of any SuperBowl watching experience is amazing snacks, duhh! So what better way to root for your favorite team than with limited edition ‘Denver‘ vs. ‘Seattle‘ minis from Baked By Melissa aka BBM (move over Blackberry, BBM is all about cupcakes for now 😉 )! I love these bite sized sweet treats!

    What do I love most about these little babies? I pay my photographer aka my little sister with them! She doesn’t request cash, she requests I pick her up Baked By Melissa once a week…now that’s what I call a sweet deal!

    If only this Melissa (me lol) could bake…I’d be one lucky lady 😉

    Baked By Melissa SuperBowl 'minis'!

    Baked By Melissa SuperBowl ‘minis’!

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    CK One Color – My Savior


    I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a girly girl, I love looking good and feeling my best, however one thing I’m not a huge fan of is being outgoing and creative with my makeup. Call me boring, call me plain but my version of awesome makeup? Whatever looks naturally…hides any blemishes and lasts all day…see, I’m so easy to please.

    So I decided to share my ‘Go To’ beauty products that have survived the test of time and have been kept in my makeup rotation despite me constantly trying something different. One of my favorite products that I have grown to love is my CK One Color Pressed Powder sold exclusively at Ulta. Like I mentioned in previous posts (Ulta Holiday Fragrance Guide & Ulta One Stop Beauty Shop) Ulta is one of my favorite places to shop for everything from foundation to hair products to body lotion to anything in between. Why? Because they will literally take ANYTHING back! That means I can buy 20 different shades of foundation, bronzer and eye shadow and give back whatever doesn’t work for me, no problem…now that’s customer service!

    Anyways, back to my beauty haul…So I’m in love with the whole CK One Color line of cosmetics. They are from Calvin Klein and the line is relatively new but according to the gals in Ulta and reviews on line it is a huge hit and I know why. Using the pressed powder foundation cuts down my morning routine and covers up any problem areas leaving you with flawless, smooth looking skin. In addition, it lasts a while…my first one lasted me months.

    You know you love a product when it all of a sudden becomes ‘unavailable’ and then you start to panic…yup, that was me for the past 2 months while Calvin Klein was repacking and redesigning the product. The women in Ulta had me try numerous brands and products, but nothing quite worked for me like this product did….So boy was I relieved when they finally had it in stock last week! (I was so overjoyed I texted my boyfriend saying it was the best day ever..he knew my struggle with makeup although he insists I should where none…that’s men for ya lol ;))

    In addition for having a love affair with the CK One Pressed Powder, I have a deep fondness for the CK One Color Brow Pencil Duo. Sometimes when you use a powder foundation your eyebrows blend in due to powder getting on them as you apply the makeup. This eyebrow duo solves that problem by having a mechanical pencil that helps darken the brows (it comes in 3 shades to match your hair color) and the other side has a gel that goes over them to refine the look. Do this once in the morning and your set for the day.

    Naturally your look isn’t finished without the perfect eyelashes and lips and guess what CK One Color has one of the best nude lipsticks named ‘Naked‘ and a great mascara. Use all these products and you look instantly refreshed while still looking natural as though your not wearing any makeup!

    Best part? They all come at a price that won’t break your wallet and if you don’t like them, no hassle returns at Ulta! What do you have to loose?!

    Shop These Products Below:

    Mascara: $18

    Lipstick: $16

    Eyebrow Duo: $22

    Pressed Powder Foundation: $26

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