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    Bye Bye Four Eyes


    Today is the beginning of the end…kind of contradictory, but what I mean to say is today is the last day I will ever need to wear glasses or contacts because I am undergoing LASIK eye surgery!

    I first learned I had to wear glasses because I was near-sighted (meaning I can’t read things 5 feet in front of me, never understood why near-sided means the opposite of how it sounds and vice versa…but that’s another story) when I was in 2nd grade. I was devastated as any child would be when they learned they had to wear the dreaded ‘glasses’. Now while I wasn’t a fan of having to wear them, I was a fan of driving my mother crazy when it came to choosing frames year after year, because as a fashion lover at a young age…I was most certainly not wearing one pair of frames for the rest of my public school career. I went through tons of pairs till I ventured into my Junior/Senior year of high school (I graduated a year early, hence doubling up everything in one year).

    I began using contacts and was instantly thrilled and felt like a new person, however wearing them all day from school to work to play, they began to irritate my eyes and make me virtually blind as soon as 10pm rolled around. I dealt with it up till now but finally after tons of encouragement on how life changing the LASIK procedure is, I decided it was about time to ditch the dry eyes and dirty contacts covered in my eye liner and mascara for perfectly clear vision!

    I am beyond excited for my procedure today, but at the same time a bit nervous. As with any procedure there’s a slim chance that something can go wrong, so here’s to hoping I don’t end up blind 😉

    Wish Me Luck! 🙂

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