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    CK One Color – My Savior


    I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a girly girl, I love looking good and feeling my best, however one thing I’m not a huge fan of is being outgoing and creative with my makeup. Call me boring, call me plain but my version of awesome makeup? Whatever looks naturally…hides any blemishes and lasts all day…see, I’m so easy to please.

    So I decided to share my ‘Go To’ beauty products that have survived the test of time and have been kept in my makeup rotation despite me constantly trying something different. One of my favorite products that I have grown to love is my CK One Color Pressed Powder sold exclusively at Ulta. Like I mentioned in previous posts (Ulta Holiday Fragrance Guide & Ulta One Stop Beauty Shop) Ulta is one of my favorite places to shop for everything from foundation to hair products to body lotion to anything in between. Why? Because they will literally take ANYTHING back! That means I can buy 20 different shades of foundation, bronzer and eye shadow and give back whatever doesn’t work for me, no problem…now that’s customer service!

    Anyways, back to my beauty haul…So I’m in love with the whole CK One Color line of cosmetics. They are from Calvin Klein and the line is relatively new but according to the gals in Ulta and reviews on line it is a huge hit and I know why. Using the pressed powder foundation cuts down my morning routine and covers up any problem areas leaving you with flawless, smooth looking skin. In addition, it lasts a while…my first one lasted me months.

    You know you love a product when it all of a sudden becomes ‘unavailable’ and then you start to panic…yup, that was me for the past 2 months while Calvin Klein was repacking and redesigning the product. The women in Ulta had me try numerous brands and products, but nothing quite worked for me like this product did….So boy was I relieved when they finally had it in stock last week! (I was so overjoyed I texted my boyfriend saying it was the best day ever..he knew my struggle with makeup although he insists I should where none…that’s men for ya lol ;))

    In addition for having a love affair with the CK One Pressed Powder, I have a deep fondness for the CK One Color Brow Pencil Duo. Sometimes when you use a powder foundation your eyebrows blend in due to powder getting on them as you apply the makeup. This eyebrow duo solves that problem by having a mechanical pencil that helps darken the brows (it comes in 3 shades to match your hair color) and the other side has a gel that goes over them to refine the look. Do this once in the morning and your set for the day.

    Naturally your look isn’t finished without the perfect eyelashes and lips and guess what CK One Color has one of the best nude lipsticks named ‘Naked‘ and a great mascara. Use all these products and you look instantly refreshed while still looking natural as though your not wearing any makeup!

    Best part? They all come at a price that won’t break your wallet and if you don’t like them, no hassle returns at Ulta! What do you have to loose?!

    Shop These Products Below:

    Mascara: $18

    Lipstick: $16

    Eyebrow Duo: $22

    Pressed Powder Foundation: $26

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