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    Bikini Alchemy Bash!

    missyonmadison bikinibash bikinialchemy style styleblog blog blogger fashion rooftop party bikini fashion fashionblog summer nyc newyork whiteskirt denimjacketHappy June Everyone! Can’t believe it’s officially a summer month! What better way to ring in summer than with a look at some fab swimwear and jewels from the Bikini Alchemy rooftop bash at the Hudson Hotel in NYC! I loved their beach inspired set up and all their fab pieces…I think I have some shopping to do 😉

    party missyonmadison bikinialchemy bikinibash champagne drink nyc rooftop hudsonhotelI love the shot I took above, although I rarely drink, I am a firm believer that the glass of champagne made the photo 🙂

    marrahoffman bikinialchemy style swimming swimwear bikini bathingsuit summerstyle colorful missyonmadison blog blogger shop nyc I fell in love with this piece the second I saw it! I loved all the swimwear at the event, but this piece reminded me of something Mara Hoffman would create and I’m simply obsessed with her style and design!  missyonmadison bikini bikinibash bikinialchemy style stylblog blog blogger fashion fashionblog fashionblogger summer summerstyle shop rooftop nycWhile there was tons of swimwear at the event (kinda obvious given the name!) there was also some great jewels and sunnies from Bash and Bow in NYC! They have amazing accessories at low prices…just what every fashionista needs 🙂 missyonmadison bashandbow nyc bashandbownyc bikinibash bikinialchemy blogger blog fashion style summer summerstyle nyc party rooftopparty hudsonhotel bling statementnecklace colorfulnecklacemissyonmadison bashandbow nyc bashandbownyc bikinibash bikinialchemy blogger blog fashion style summer summerstyle nyc party rooftopparty hudsonhotel bling statementnecklace colorfulnecklacemissyonmadison bashandbow nyc bashandbownyc bikinibash bikinialchemy blogger blog fashion style summer summerstyle nyc party rooftopparty hudsonhotel bling statementnecklace colorfulnecklacemissyonmadison bashandbow nyc bashandbownyc bikinibash bikinialchemy blogger blog fashion style summer summerstyle nyc party rooftopparty hudsonhotel bling statementnecklace colorfulnecklaceLike I said, I loveddddd the cute decorations everywhere…they totally put me in the summer mood minus the random rain showers we had throughout the day in NYC! As always, it was another fun weekend of blogging events, outfit shoots and of course some R & R 🙂 summer summerdecor summerstyle missyonmadison bikinialchemy pineapple lay colorful flowers party rooftopparty nyc blog blogger fashionblog

    Shop Some Of My Fav Pieces From Bash & Bow and Great Summer Time Musts <3 

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    Fashion Fights Cancer!

    ffcturbans fashionfightscancer cancerbenefit cencer charity ifb blogger bloggingevent nyc pier59 chelseapiers missyonmadison wine liquor alcoholLast night I had the pleasure of helping to fight cancer with other blogging fashionistas at Chelsea Piers in NYC by creating DIY turbans! While I am far from artsy or crafty, I figured if it helps fight cancer I’m on board!

    IFB and the Fashion Fights Cancer organization brought a bunch of bloggers together to make and create turbans. Yes, needle and thread status. Buttons, fabric, ribbon and more…these turbans became quite ‘unique’…especially mine which I have to admit I am to embarrassed to share :p! Read more

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    Cinco de Mayo!

    cincodemayo blog blogger colorful celebrate fashion fashionblog target targetstyle missyonmadison stevemadden denimjacket forever21
    Happy Cinco de Mayo fashionistas! I can just imagine the party and celebration happening in Mexico right now, and although I’m not necessarily downing a Margarita today to commemorate the holiday, I certainly felt it was suiting to dress for the occasion!cincodemayo flowers yellowflowers style blog blogger missyonmadison rebeccaminkoff mirrored aviators
    Naturally, any party isn’t a party without a little color. I spotted this skirt at
    Target on clearance and fell in love! Who doesn’t love a fun colorful print for spring…matches the yellow flowers in my front yard…totally not planned on purpose but definitely a bonus 🙂

    Read more

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    ‘Workout Wednesday’ – ‘Juicing’


    Ok, so the big health fad of ‘juicing’ seems to be making it’s way into the year 2014. The year 2013 was filled with models, celebrities, your neighbor down the street and just about anyone looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle all attributing it to ‘Juicing’.

    If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and aren’t quite familiar with the term ‘Juicing’ let me explain…Basically, for a certain period time, it can be a day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days or even 2 weeks, you don’t eat, but you drink approximately 6 pre-made juices a day as meal replacements in order to cleanse your system and give your body all the nutrients, fruits and vegetables your supposed to be getting on a daily basis, but you rarely do due to poor eating habits.

    Sounds like a reasonable idea? Now I haven’t tried this out yet for a few reasons, 1) Will I be able to function solely on drinking juice even if it is just for 3 days? I’m not too sure…2) Even if it cleanses my system for the 3 days I’m on it, what happens after?…3) If your someone who isn’t ready to commit to a ‘Juicing’ lifestyle, meaning I’m not prepared to do a cleanse every month…is there a point of even jumping in to doing one in the first place?

    Like with most things, I’m slightly skeptical when it comes to juicing. While I am all about trying to be healthy…although I can’t promise to always stick to it 100% of the time, is ‘Juicing’ truly good for you? Or is it simply one more fad that will be replaced in a year with the next health and weight loss breakthrough?

    I think for now I will try a method that has seemed to ring true time after time…working out and eating right. What about you?

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    ‘Celebrity Inspiration’

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    Skinny Thanksgiving Tips


    Thanksgiving always calls for over eating, but this year it doesn’t have to! With America becoming more health conscious than ever, here are a few easy tips to help us not go ‘over board’ this Thanksgiving season!

    Some of these helpful hints may seem like common sense, but just by doing them you save  yourself that bloated feeling and the calories.

    1) Portion Control:

    Yes, dietitians say this all the time, watch what your eating, take less blah blah blah. Now my version of portion control? People often overload their Thanksgiving plates with everything on the table. First off, take a smaller plate or don’t ‘FILL’ your plate. Take a small amount of food to begin, you’ll be surprised how many people have eyes bigger than their stomachs!

    2) Drink Water:

    Holidays are often a time for drinking and being merry, however if you drink a few glasses of water before heading to the party or dinner, your more likely to eat less due to you feeling full on water. Also, if you can, why not pass on the alcohol and have water with dinner? Crazy I know, but with a heavy meal, alcohol usually leads to indigestion and an even more bloated feeling…go for the water!

    3) Decisions, Decisions:

    Seeing a table full of food can be overwhelming. You want to try everything plus have your favorite classics, but sometimes you need to make a decision and sacrifice. Are you going to want dessert? Then time to forgo an extra calorie filled side at dinner. It’s all about deciding what you really want and eating a normal amount of each thing.

    What are your tricks for staying skinny this Thanksgiving?

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