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    My Curl Secret

    Now I’ve always wanted to be the girl who wakes up with that perfect ‘Victoria’s Secret’ hair.

    Hair that has body, bounce and soft waves that looks sexy and flawless with any look. Traditionally I’ve had to conquer up the will power to sit for about 45 minutes and curl my whole head of hair with a regular curling iron which always left me with ‘fish tail’ ends and a flopped look in under 2 hours.

    So while I never buy into infomercials, I saw one for Conair’s ‘Curl Secret’ and had no choice but to try it!

    I ordered it from and within a few days the new age of curling irons was plugged in and ready to go.

    It was easy to use, lightweight and curled my whole head of hair in under 30 minutes. Best part? The curls last longer than those of my traditional curling iron.

    Curl Secret allows you to decide how tight or loose the curls will be based on 3 different temperature settings. The contraption takes a piece of your hair, twirls it around the barrel chamber and after 3 beeps, voila! Beautiful curls!

    Sounds too good to be true? Guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself!

    Get it here: Curl Secret

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    Blogging World, Fashion Love, Fashion Scene, Looks For Less, Sale Time, Shop Till Ya Drop, Stylish Trends

    White For Fall

    The old saying goes ‘You can’t wear white after Labor Day’, however being a breaker of most fashion rules, I decided that one of my fall ‘must haves’ is this chic white blazer from LC By Lauren Conrad.

    I love how it breaks up the look by adding a brighter tone rather than just plain black on black. I brightened the look up even more with an orange chiffon top from Old Navy.

    As always, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic black pants, especially ones that fit you well! I love these black work pants from Kohls!

    I also decided to do something a little different this morning and curl my hair!

    Happy Thursday Fashion Lovers!

    Shop My OOTD:

    Top: Old Navy $7 (clearance)
    Pants: Kohls $20
    Blazer: LC By Lauren Conrad $30
    Shoes: H&M $25

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