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    Going Green in LA With EVERCAR…

    IMG_9101*This is a sponsored blog: while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by EverCar to review this product*

    Since moving to LA I learned one of the daily dilemmas all LA residents face is driving. Did you know there are nearly 7.5 million vehicles registered in LA + that the City of the Angels boasts the worst Ozone rank in America? How crazy is that?! Especially since we pride ourselves on being so ‘eco friendly’ + ‘healthy’ (kale juice paired with fresh grown veggies anyone?) :p

    Fortunately, EverCar has made available a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles in cities throughout Los Angeles County, for as little as $5 per hour (including unlimited miles, fuel, maintenance and insurance), for people who want to drive for rideshare and delivery companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash and others! How great is that? EverCar gives back to those who are helping us get around LA (and those of us who want to avoid finding a parking spot or paying for valet haha)!

    Evercar - Vehicle Charging

    Evercar’s simple pricing model + driver-friendly terms of service covers all the costs of owning or leasing a vehicle and makes it possible for more LA residents to earn money driving in the on-demand economy. The company also helps improve local air quality by taking gas-guzzling, high-polluting cars off the road and replacing them with clean, environmentally-friendly cars. Kinda amazing…not gunna lie!Evercar - Logo - Mark with Name

    Today, Evercar has more than 60 shared vehicles in service in Los Angeles County. Nearly 300 drivers have joined the Evercar community to date, and the company is working tirelessly to recruit hundreds of others. Evercar has enough financing to put more than 1,000 EVs on the road!

    Currently Evercar vehicles are located in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina de Rey, Inglewood, and Redondo Beach. There are plans to continue adding locations more locations around Los Angeles County throughout the year.

    To find out how you can become an Evercar registered driver visit   You can also follow Evercar on Facebook or Twitter.

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