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    Weekend Word Play…

    wordsofwisdom laugh dreambig nordstrom target marshalls tjmaxx quotes sayings art decor missyonmadison blog blogger Finally time for some weekend rest and relaxation…or if you are me that means a busy weekend filled with outfit shoots and brainstorming blog ideas…creativity never sleeps 😉 That is just one of my favorite little ‘sayings’ or mantras which coincidentally relates to today’s post…Weekend Word Play!

    In my opinion, a home or office tells a lot about a person. Their hopes, dreams, goals and more, so the way you dress it, similarly to how one dresses themselves, is a way of speaking without saying a single word…

    I recently purchased a few ‘Words To Live By’ pieces from Target, Nordstrom & Kohls and got inspired to share some great picks with you! Let your creativity flow and fill your happy place with some wise sayings 🙂

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    Write Away…

    missyonmadison writeaway writing stationary shop style blog blogger notes invitations thankyoucards pen targetHappy Friday Fashionistas! In addition to my love for fashion I have a slight obsession with all things colorful and ‘pretty’…one of them being cute stationary and writing materials. Nothing is cuter than jotting down notes and ‘Thank You’s’ with come brightly colored cards and notebooks! I love these items I spotted at Target (always on the ball <3) and I put together some of my favorites to share with you 🙂 Read more

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    Fashion Fights Cancer!

    ffcturbans fashionfightscancer cancerbenefit cencer charity ifb blogger bloggingevent nyc pier59 chelseapiers missyonmadison wine liquor alcoholLast night I had the pleasure of helping to fight cancer with other blogging fashionistas at Chelsea Piers in NYC by creating DIY turbans! While I am far from artsy or crafty, I figured if it helps fight cancer I’m on board!

    IFB and the Fashion Fights Cancer organization brought a bunch of bloggers together to make and create turbans. Yes, needle and thread status. Buttons, fabric, ribbon and more…these turbans became quite ‘unique’…especially mine which I have to admit I am to embarrassed to share :p! Read more

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    Perfect Hannukah Gift: Hamsa Hand


    It’s no secret that the Hamsa Hand has become somewhat of a fashion statement. I’ve spotted it on sweatshirts, necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags and more….however many people don’t realize it’s cultural significance is way more ‘in’ than the trendy symbol itself!

    After a little research I discovered the ‘Hamsa Hand’ represents good luck and protection. It is there to protect you from evil spirits and bad luck and anyone who may give you the ‘evil eye’.

    When you have a ‘Hamsa’ either hanging in your house or your wearing one, it’s expected to be a symbol of good luck for years to come.

    How does this help you pick out a last minute Hannukah gift for your friend, relative or anyone else? Easy…hello get a Hamsa!

    Here’s a round up of my top 10 Hamsa Hand inspired gifts that are sure to bring good luck and protection for years to come:

    1) Pave Hamsa Bracelet from Capwell + Co $16
    Available: here

    Capwell + Co Pave Hamsa

    Capwell + Co Pave Hamsa

    2) 10K Gold Hamsa Necklace from Macy’s $99 (on sale, plus you can use coupons!)

    Available: here

    10K Gold Hamsa Pendant at Macy's

    10K Gold Hamsa Pendant at Macy’s

    3) Gold Dipped ‘All Is Well’ Hamsa Neckalce at Bloomingdales $58

    Available: here

    Gold Dipped Hamsa Necklace at Bloomingales

    Gold Dipped Hamsa Necklace at Bloomingales

    4) Lucky Brand ‘Hamsa’ Pullover at Nordstrom $47.70

    Available: here

    Lucky Brand 'Hamsa' Pullover at Nordstrom

    Lucky Brand ‘Hamsa’ Pullover at Nordstrom

    5) Fringes Of Faith beaded ‘Hamsa’ bracelet on Etsy $75 (Many other styles available on the Fringes Of Faith Etsy Page)

    Available: here

    Fringes Of Faith 'Hamsa' Bracelet on Etsy

    Fringes Of Faith ‘Hamsa’ Bracelet on Etsy

    6) Hamsa ‘Pop Art’ at Saatchi Online $129 (18 x 24)

    Available: here

    'Pop Goes The Hamsa' By: Katie Pfeiffer

    ‘Pop Goes The Hamsa’
    By: Katie Pfeiffer

    7) Material Girl ‘Hamsa Print Tote’ at Macy’s $18.99

    Available: here

    Material Girl 'Hamsa Tote' at Macy's

    Material Girl ‘Hamsa Tote’ at Macy’s

    8) Hamsa ‘Opal’ Pendant at BaubleBar $28

    Available: here

    Hamsa 'Opal' Pendant at BaubleBar

    Hamsa ‘Opal’ Pendant at BaubleBar

    9) Hamsa Hand ‘Wall Stickers’ at Amazon  $28.99 (perfect for a college dorm room!)

    Available: here

    Hamsa Hand 'Wall Sticker' at Amazon

    Hamsa Hand ‘Wall Sticker’ at Amazon

    10) Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry ‘Hamsa’ Bracelet at Saks $155

    Available: here

    Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry 'Hamsa' Bracelet at Saks

    Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry ‘Hamsa’ Bracelet at Saks

    Will you be gifting a ‘Hamsa’ this season?

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