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    White For Fall

    The old saying goes ‘You can’t wear white after Labor Day’, however being a breaker of most fashion rules, I decided that one of my fall ‘must haves’ is this chic white blazer from LC By Lauren Conrad.

    I love how it breaks up the look by adding a brighter tone rather than just plain black on black. I brightened the look up even more with an orange chiffon top from Old Navy.

    As always, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic black pants, especially ones that fit you well! I love these black work pants from Kohls!

    I also decided to do something a little different this morning and curl my hair!

    Happy Thursday Fashion Lovers!

    Shop My OOTD:

    Top: Old Navy $7 (clearance)
    Pants: Kohls $20
    Blazer: LC By Lauren Conrad $30
    Shoes: H&M $25

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    WorkOut Wednesday – Inspiration ‘Snooki’


    Now yes I have to admit I was far from a Snooki fan when she was getting trashed and making an ass of herself on the hit show, ‘Jersey Shore’, but recently she has me thinking that maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

    For this week’s edition of ‘WorkOut Wednesday‘ I wanted to talk about one of my new fitness inspirations, Snooki. She has come a long way from her ‘Jersey Shore’ days. She’s a new mom and is hitting the gym everyday to keep looking like one hot mama!

    What I love about Snooki is the fact that she shares her gym adventures with the world via her website and social media. She isn’t afraid to admit, ‘Hey to look like this takes work’. She isn’t hiding how she gets her killer body and she embraces an overall healthy lifestyle!

    She made an even bigger statement when she waltzed her way onto ‘Dancing With The Stars’ which is known to make even the healthiest of people exhausted and tired, but Snooki was sharing her rehearsal adventures with the world everyday and looked good while doing it!

    Here’s some of my fav fitness pics of Snooki as well as a link to her interview with Dr. Oz in which she shared the secret of how to get her killer post baby bod, (Hint: It’s something that has been said time after time!)

    Dr. Oz Interview: Here

    Snooki’s Fitness Regime: Here

    Here’s some of my fav Snooki ‘WorkOut Wednesday‘ Pics!

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    1001139_602665089773136_832030716_n Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Body-Progress-31-485x435 Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Body-Progress-41-485x435 Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Body-Progress-101-485x435

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    Yellow Sweater Weather

    This chilly NYC weather always calls for a comfy sweater, but why not snazz up your ensemble by rocking a bright colored sweater!

    I stocked up on these great V-neck colored sweaters last year at Old Navy and they go with absolutely everything. Wear them with jeans on the weekends or a skirt to work like I am today and you’ll be sure to stay toasty warm while also looking cute.

    I guess I was inspired by a ‘Bumblebee’ this morning because I’m wearing a black and white striped skirt with a layered yellow sweater, black boots and a black faux fur vest! I just love the yellow and black color combination!

    I’m also in love with my black boots I’m wearing today. They are by ‘Me Too Shoes’ and in addition to looking cute, are super comfortable. Cute and comfort is always in style when it comes to fall and winter wear!

    Happy Humpday Fashionistas!

    Shop My OOTD:

    Sweater: Old Navy: $20
    Skirt: Target: $10
    Vest: Karen Kane $30
    Boots: Me Too Shoes $79 (available at Amazon)

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    Little Red Booties

    20131105-073649.jpgIt’s another chilly day in NYC and that means it’s time to layer up and slip into some cute ankle boots!

    I love these maroon booties I found at Old Navy. They are comfortable, great quality and come in beige, black or maroon (naturally, I go for a pop of color and had to go with maroon). I’ve worn these babies with jeans and skirts for a cute and casual look and today is no different.

    Ankle boots look great with just about anything and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Today I went for a slightly more laid back look.

    I’m wearing a Chambray pull over from Old Navy, gray pants from Abercrombie and a faux fur vest from H&M to keep me toasty all day long!

    Happy Tuesday Fashion Lovers!

    Shop My OOTD:
    Top: Old Navy $12 (clearance)
    Pants: Abercrombie ‘Lara Pant‘ $40
    Booties: Old Navy $44 (Maroon only available in store, link is to the beige and black)
    Vest: H&M $59

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    Mani Monday – ‘CatWalk’

    This week’s ‘Mani Monday’ is featuring a color I have never worn on my nails before: Red!

    As always, I went with an Essie color called ‘CatWalk’. Naturally I had to get it because come on, who doesn’t want to feel like they are walking the ‘CatWalk’ everyday?!

    I accessorized my mani with my new Timex Style watch, Capwell + Co bling, Nordstrom bangles and my fav red leather bracelet from Fringes Of Faith!

    Essie: CatWalk

    Shop My Arm Party:
    Fringes Of Faith
    Capwell + Co
    Timex Style watch

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