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    Yellow Sweater Weather

    This chilly NYC weather always calls for a comfy sweater, but why not snazz up your ensemble by rocking a bright colored sweater!

    I stocked up on these great V-neck colored sweaters last year at Old Navy and they go with absolutely everything. Wear them with jeans on the weekends or a skirt to work like I am today and you’ll be sure to stay toasty warm while also looking cute.

    I guess I was inspired by a ‘Bumblebee’ this morning because I’m wearing a black and white striped skirt with a layered yellow sweater, black boots and a black faux fur vest! I just love the yellow and black color combination!

    I’m also in love with my black boots I’m wearing today. They are by ‘Me Too Shoes’ and in addition to looking cute, are super comfortable. Cute and comfort is always in style when it comes to fall and winter wear!

    Happy Humpday Fashionistas!

    Shop My OOTD:

    Sweater: Old Navy: $20
    Skirt: Target: $10
    Vest: Karen Kane $30
    Boots: Me Too Shoes $79 (available at Amazon)

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    Blogging World, Fashion Love, Fashion Scene, Looks For Less, Sale Time, Shop Till Ya Drop, Stylish Trends

    Little Red Booties

    20131105-073649.jpgIt’s another chilly day in NYC and that means it’s time to layer up and slip into some cute ankle boots!

    I love these maroon booties I found at Old Navy. They are comfortable, great quality and come in beige, black or maroon (naturally, I go for a pop of color and had to go with maroon). I’ve worn these babies with jeans and skirts for a cute and casual look and today is no different.

    Ankle boots look great with just about anything and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Today I went for a slightly more laid back look.

    I’m wearing a Chambray pull over from Old Navy, gray pants from Abercrombie and a faux fur vest from H&M to keep me toasty all day long!

    Happy Tuesday Fashion Lovers!

    Shop My OOTD:
    Top: Old Navy $12 (clearance)
    Pants: Abercrombie ‘Lara Pant‘ $40
    Booties: Old Navy $44 (Maroon only available in store, link is to the beige and black)
    Vest: H&M $59

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    Mani Monday – ‘CatWalk’

    This week’s ‘Mani Monday’ is featuring a color I have never worn on my nails before: Red!

    As always, I went with an Essie color called ‘CatWalk’. Naturally I had to get it because come on, who doesn’t want to feel like they are walking the ‘CatWalk’ everyday?!

    I accessorized my mani with my new Timex Style watch, Capwell + Co bling, Nordstrom bangles and my fav red leather bracelet from Fringes Of Faith!

    Essie: CatWalk

    Shop My Arm Party:
    Fringes Of Faith
    Capwell + Co
    Timex Style watch

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    A Touch Of Reptile

    It’s a chilly day in the Big Apple and that calls for pants that’ll keep you warm and layers you can peel away as things heat up throughout the day.

    Today I’m ‘rocking’ my reptile print ‘Rockstar’ skinny jeans from Old Navy. First off, let me just say that Old Navy’s ‘Rockstar’ skinnies are the most comfortable jeans I’ve come across in a long time. They come in a bunch of different colors, patterns, textures and fits making them wearable for almost any body type.

    Since the pants are printed I opted for a plain white top and layered a black faux fur vest by Karen Kane over it for a little extra ‘oomph’.

    I love this look because it’s stylish, comfortable and keeps me warm in this chilly Manhattan weather.

    Hope everyone keeps warm on this Monday!

    Shop My OOTD:
    Top: Old Navy: $15
    Vest: Karen Kane $25 (on clearance at Lord & Taylor)
    Pants: Old Navy: $19
    Shoes: Old Navy: $25

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    My Simply Stylist Takeaway!

    Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Simply Stylist conference in NYC!

    May I just say it’s amazing how many fashion and beauty bloggers are out there, and having them all in one place is a stylish overload!

    The conference consisted of keynote speakers like ‘The Hills’ star turned entrepreneur, Lo Bosworth, Catt Sadler of E!, America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel and more.

    Each person gave their ‘key’ tips on how to make it in beauty and fashion, how to turn your blog into a business and basically how to get what you want out of life.

    It was inspiring to hear about the humble begins of Catt Sadler who grew up in the Midwest dreaming of being on tv and living in the big city. It made all of us who attended feel anything is possible if you just ‘Dive In’ as Jay Manuel would say and go for it!

    While there was tons of great advice and insight to go around, a few key points stood out to me which I am thrilled to pass along to you:

    1) It’s All About Connections & Networking:
    Don’t be shy ladies and gents. If you want to work for a particular company one day or just get your foot in the door to the industry, surround yourself with people that can help you get there. Attend events, parties, conferences, tweet, Instagram, Facebook; make everyone know who you are, being shy won’t get you anywhere, but being a little social butterfly will.

    2) Be Direct:
    You want that amazing internship or job that you know half the world is applying for, so what are you to do? Easy, come up with a business proposal for yourself, treat the application, resume and cover letter like its a business. Go out of your way to take a major interest in the company; follow it on all social platforms, e-mail the key people or departments your interested in (not just HR), explain why your amazing and how hard your willing to work. Sell yourself, why should they want you?

    3) Be Kind:
    While being a bitch can get you what you want faster, I’m a true believer in the fact that I’d rather be loved than feared. Being nice to people, makes you a better person, makes others appreciate your presence and in most cases will lead to positive things. Sure there is always a time to stand firm and speak up for what you want or believe in, but if you do it all the time no one will take it seriously, however if you do it once in a while people are more likely to truly be interested in what you have to say.

    These 3 principles not only helped the panelists at the conference get to where they are today, but me as well.

    Fashionistas take note: follow these principles and your likely to succeed in anything you wish to accomplish!

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