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Tips to Surviving Festival Season…

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Spring is here and we all know what that means.. Coachella is right around the corner! The most anticipated festival of the year is finally among us and I’ve rounded up some helpful tips to help you survive your epic weekend in the desert! I mean.. what’s a better way to spend your weekend in April than dancing with your besties under the desert sun right?

Portable Charger

If you’re going to Coachella this year, you’ll want to show your friends back home all the fun they’re missing in Indio! You’ll be posting stories on Instagram and Snapchat and documenting each #OOTD all weekend! Don’t let your phone battery stop you from posting all the fun, take a portable charger! This is especially important if you will be using your phone to communicate with your friends in the festival! You don’t want to be lost in Coachella with a dead phone!


A bandana is an essential for your Coachella trip! Let us not forget the festival is located in the desert which means there will be dust storms! Protect yourself from inhaling any dust by carrying a fashionable bandana to put over your mouth when those dust storms approach! Who says a bandana can’t be a staple for your outfit?


Like I mentioned earlier, this festival is located in the desert which means its hot during the day but it does get chilly at night! You won’t feel it when you’re dancing to your favorite artists in the Sahara Tent, but you’ll wish you had a jacket or sweater once you’re leaving the festival and you’re freezing!

Reusable Water Bottle

All the dancing you’ll be doing during the festival will have you parched! Not to mention how hot it will be during the day, you need to stay hydrated! In order to survive the weekend, you’ll need plenty on water. The festival has water stations where you’ll be able to refill your water bottle! Drink up!!!

Comfortable Shoes

You will be doing plenty on walking throughout the weekend! Comfortable shoes are a must for any festival, you need a pair that will keep you walking, running, and dancing all day + night! Your feet will thank you by the end of the weekend!

A Good Attitude!

Coachella is a place to have fun and potentially make new friends! Keep a good attitude throughout the weekend and you will have the most fun you’ve ever had in the desert!

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