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Winter Weather


It’s a snow filled day in NYC today and while I try and always look stylish and never want to have just a ‘comfort’ look, this weather called for some drastic measures…Uggs.

Now I have owned Uggs since I was in the 7th grade, and in middle school and high school on Long Island, they were a ‘must have’, but have ‘Uggs’ become just plain ugly? Is wearing them a sign of defeat…like you just don’t care about looking cute? I love to be stylish, don’t get me wrong, but when it snowing and freezing….isn’t the most rational thing to do to wear Uggs?

This then leads me to my next question…Can Uggs be cute and stylish? And I’m talking the classic Uggs ladies, not all the new heeled styles they have recently come out with. Think about it, can a pair of Uggs really make or break an outfit? I guess that’s for you to decide!

See how I styled Uggs for my Cozy Thanksgiving look: here


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