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Workout Wednesday – ‘30,60,90’

For this edition of ‘Workout Wednesday‘ I want to share with you one of the toughest workouts I have at my boot camp training.

Everyday at boot camp, the routines are different. Each day works out a different part of your body and every workout includes cardio and weight training so you get the best workout you possibly can.

One thing my trainers have been doing that has honestly been kicking my ass is what they like to call ’30, 60, 90’…Let me explain.

This routine can consist of a few different ‘stations’ or workouts that you rotate from throughout your hour workout. For example, let’s say station 1 or part 1 is Mountain Climbers and Bicep Curls…this is what you do:

1st: 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers followed by 90 seconds of Bicep Curls

2nd: 60 seconds of Mountain Climbers followed by 60 seconds of Bicep Curls

3rd: 90 seconds of Mountain Climbers followed by 30 seconds of Bicep Curls

Catch my drift? Follow this routine for 4-6 ‘stations’ or ‘parts’ and you will be dripping in sweat.

The key to this workout is to make sure each ‘station’ or ‘part’ has a cardio aspect and a weight training aspect, this way it keeps your heart rate up the entire workout….a high heart rate means more calories burned!

Happy Workout!



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